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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Please see the below opportunity for a public arts consultant from Berkeley homes

Consultant Briefing Document – Public Art Manager
Berkeley Homes (Oxford & Chiltern) Limited

Development: Former Royal Worcester Porcelain Works

Address: Severn Street / Portland Walk, Worcester

July 8, 2016
This document sets out an introduction and initial brief for the above

project, in order to find an appropriate Public Art Manager / Consultant to

help deliver a coherent scheme of art for the development.

The contents of this document are confidential and are intended only for

the addressed consultant, and to the project which the appointment

relates. This document should not be copied or distributed except with the

express permission of Berkeley Homes (Oxford & Chiltern) Limited.
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CBD-PA | Consultant Briefing Document – Public Art
Project Introduction
The project is located on the site of the former Royal Worcester porcelain

works and consists of two sites – Portland Walk and Severn Street.

Berkeley Homes bought the site in around 2005 following the closure of

the porcelain works on the development. A hybrid detailed and outline

planning consent was granted shortly after this, generating Section 106

public art obligations. More recently, detailed planning applications on part

of the Severn Street scheme have generated the requirement for public

Berkeley Homes are looking to deliver the art requirements for this site in

order to enhance the public realm and satisfy the planning obligations.

In order to develop and inform the project, Berkeley Homes have enlisted

the support, guidance and experience of key stakeholders. They will form

the Steering Group, of which the appointed Public Arts Manager /

Consultant will be part of and report to. The Steering Group is currently as


· Berkeley Homes (Oxford & Chiltern) Limited (Client, landowner,

developer and architect)

· Museum of Royal Worcester (Neighbour and involved in local and

wider context art and heritage trails)

· Worcestershire County Council, County Arts Officer

To date, we have held two workshops to discuss Berkeley’s requirements

and explore how we take the project forward. From this, we believe that a

Public Art Manager / Consultant with appropriate experience of briefing,

procuring and delivering art within historic and sensitive locations will be


This document is intended to be used to find a shortlist of interested parties

to meet with the Steering Group. At this meeting, we would look to explore

your experience and thoughts in relation to this project with a view to

making an appointment following this.
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© Berkeley Homes (Oxford & Chiltern) Ltd, 2015
Project Initial Brief

The overall requirement for public art is governed by the Section 106

planning obligations relating to the original planning consent (reference

P05D0432), and the planning conditions covered under the recent

applications for site areas B & C (references P13D0297 and P13D0385


Under the Section 106, “…a work or works of public art on the

Development … of a maximum of £100,000.00” should be

delivered. Suggested uses for the money include the “enhancement of the

five open public areas on the Development”, “the interpretation of the

history of the site”. Previous discussions with the Local Authority have

indicated that this could be by means of a heritage trail.

The above planning applications for site areas B & C both contain the

following condition: “Full details of public art/realm improvements including

historical representations/display information including any details shown

on the submitted plans shall be submitted to and approved by the local

planning authority in writing prior to implementation as part of the

development hereby approved. The development shall not be undertaken

other than in full accordance with such approved details”.
The requirement for the conditions under the planning applications for site

areas B & C was derived from the proposed development for site area B

partially obscuring a painted elevation to the Museum. Whilst the work(s)

should not be an obvious signpost to the Museum, it may be installed in a

“gateway” location to signify the history of the development and encourage

people towards and in to the site.

The proposed work(s) of art will need to satisfy the requirements of the

above, with at least one piece of work installed on the corner of site area

C in the location shown on the attached plan.

Berkeley Homes will remain the point of contact with the Local Authority

for discharging these obligations.

In addition to the above, the scheme should take in to account the following


Planning Designation The site sits within the “Historic City”

conservation area within Worcester and

contains and abuts listed buildings including

the Bone Mill (grade II*, also referred to as the

Pan Grinding Shop) and the former Porcelain

Showroom (grade II). Planning conditions and

Section 106 obligations require the provision of

public art as detailed elsewhere.

Heritage The site is perhaps best known as being the

location where Royal Worcester was

established in 1751.
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CBD-PA | Consultant Briefing Document – Public Art

Porcelain works were produced on the site through to the early 21st

century. Many of the original buildings remain

and have since been converted for residential

and commercial uses, complimented by new

buildings designed in a sympathetic

architectural style.

Archaeology Generally, archaeology within the site consists

of remains associated with the former

porcelain works. In addition to this, beneath

the northernmost part of the site sits a

medieval church on to which sat the former St

Peter’s Church (Victorian) both of which no

longer remain, and are accompanied with

associated burial grounds. The remains of the

former medieval City Wall also run from

Sidbury returning under the Old School House

and Museum.

Trees / Hedgerows There are no significant trees or hedgerows to

be taken in to consideration.

Ecology There is no significant ecology to be taken in

to consideration.

Existing Services Mains services run along Princes Drive and

Armstrong Drive and will need to be taken in to

consideration subject to the type of works


Watercourses Both the Severn Street site, and Portland Walk

site sit directly alongside the Worcester and

Birmingham Canal. The southernmost part of

the Portland Walk site fronts on to the River

Severn. It is understood that the former would

have been used to service the former

porcelain works.

Highways Roads within the development are not adopted

by the Local Authority. The location of any

work(s) may need to be reviewed to ensure

vehicle movement and visibility is not affected.

Timescales for the project are not fixed and are open for discussion with

the appointed Manager / Consultant. However, a rough indication is as


· Mid to Late 2016 – Interview and appoint the Public Art Manager /

Consultant; develop brief and strategy.

· Late 2016 to Early 2017 – Appoint artist(s) and refine brief.

· Early to Mid 2017 – Approve art work(s).

· Mid 2017 onwards – Installation of work(s), subject to intended

location(s) and construction works elsewhere within the


It is envisaged that the above brief is the starting point for the appointment

of a Public Art Manager / Consultant, and will be developed further with the
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© Berkeley Homes (Oxford & Chiltern) Ltd, 2015
input and guidance of such person alongside the steering group in order to

develop a clear brief for the intended work(s) of art.

The successful provider will be expected to:

· Undertake consultation work with the Steering Group and any
other such stakeholders as agreed

· Write the brief/tender for the work(s) of art and agree this with the
Steering Group

· Provide a shortlist of artists and work with the Steering Group to
narrow this to a single option

· Manage the process and budget on behalf of Berkeley Homes

· Liaise with Berkeley Homes as required in respect of H&S and the

timings and installation of the work(s)

· Report to the Steering Group on a regular basis (say monthly

unless otherwise agreed)

The overall budget for the public art shall not exceed £100,000 (inc. VAT).

Any proposal above this amount will be rejected. This figure shall include

your fee and all other costs associated with the management,

commissioning, procurement and installation of the art work(s).
The closing date for expressions of interest in the Public Art Manager role

shall be 12 noon on Friday 2 September 2016. The expression of interest

should be submitted by email only to the point of contact at the end of this

document. The expression of interest should include the following:

· Your proposals for the work(s) of art

· Details of how the proposals will be delivered

· A short statement of your suitability for the role

· A CV or statement of your relevant experience

· Examples of commissions you have been involved in

· A breakdown of the Budget (which must include a detailed

breakdown of your fees which shall be a Fixed Cost)

Selection Process
Submissions shall be made in accordance with the requirements above.

Shortlisted consultants may be required to attend a clarification meeting to

discuss their proposals. Applicants will be responsible for any costs in

obtaining information and preparing their application.

In completing your proposals you must not make any assumptions about

the Steering Groups knowledge of your organization or activities. Your

application will only be assessed on the information submitted.
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CBD-PA | Consultant Briefing Document – Public Art
The timetable for the selection process is as follows:

Public Art Consultant Brief Issued – 15 July 2016

Submission Deadline – 2 September 2016

Evaluation and Potential Clarification Meeting – September 2016

Preferred Consultant Identified – September 2016

Berkeley Homes reserve the right to seek clarification or further information

about any matter covered in the application or clarification meeting.

Berkeley Homes reserves the right not to appoint a consultant if no

applicant satisfactorily demonstrates how they will meet the brief.
Point of Contact
During the project, all enquiries should be directed to:

Alex Burrows, Assistant Design Manager

Berkeley Homes (Oxford & Chiltern) Ltd

Berkeley House, Farnham Lane, Farnham Royal SL2 3RQ


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