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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Worcestershire Arts Partnership December 2016 Newsletter

Well just over two weeks before the big day. Southampton v Spurs promises to be…I jest of course and refer to Christmas which for the arts is a busy time.
I am taking my daughter, Nina to see Cinderella at The Swan Theatre, Worcester and will be wondering if once again she will weave her way on stage and sing with the very funny Ben Humphries. This has become part of the Christmas tradition in the Wilson household and I am never sure where my little girl gets such flagrant exhibitionism from.
The Wilson's will also be off to see my good friend Stephan Bessant in his own pantomime, Zorro at the Artrix. Stephan is one of the best actors in the county and I always love watching him on stage. Talking of Artrix I went to see Chris Difford who for those under er 50 is one of the lead singers in Squeeze who made some great records in the 70's, 80's and well up to the present day. It was a packed gig and great to bump into the very nice guy, Mark Hogan, editor of Slap Magazine.
November has been a very busy month and we are WAP have been working on a range of projects and activities. I really loved seeing Gin Lane by The Clik Clik Collective which formed part of the Worcester Christmas Fayre. It was a wonderful visual feast and for me one of the highlights of that weekend. We also took part in the Christmas at The Hive weekend and ran a great lantern parade which was followed by a carol and Christmas sing along.
One of the projects that our Children and Young People Group have been working on has been called Moving on Staying on. This project is being undertaken with the University of Worcester and is about keeping skills in the county and is aimed at those who have just graduated. It began initially through two annual conferences but thanks to the generous funding of the University and Elmley Foundation we have been able to turn it into a year long project. The project sees five companies/artists each receive mentoring to develop their own creative enterprise/business. Four of the five artists chosen are:
1.    Provisional Act, who are Victoria Agache and Nicole Roman. They are developing and running their own theatre company and have just completed their first play which was performed as a work-in-progress at the University and was based on interactions they had with people who have used drugs. Nicole from Provisional Act states, "We believe this project benefits the community and especially the people suffering from drug addiction, as it puts their lives on stage in a light hearted and comical way without pointing any fingers or judging, but instead highlighting an ongoing issue. The benefits gained are the mutual trust relationship we have built with the people who we interviewed and being able to put their stories on stage and show a different, more realistic side to the problem. We strive to continuously bring former and current drug abusers to our show in order to feel there is a piece of theatre depicting their lives, in a safe, realistic and creative way.We have also received positive feedback from the interviewed people, expressing their gratitude for the relationship and mutual trust build that enabled them to talk about their hard past."
2.    Blok are Emily Malin and Katie Hodson who were interested in setting up an artist collective and studio space. Through working with their Mentor Rachel Bradley and getting great support from the University they are now resident at The Worcester Arts Workshop.
3.    Georgie Bull is developing a solo theatre performance which she plans to tour to Festivals in Summer 2017. We are supporting her to make contacts, get in touch with Festival organisers and help her plan a tour.
4.    Nathan Hill has started to approach artists to contribute to his comics anthology themed around a hotel. He’s looking into printing options and talking to small comics presses and attending conventions.
New Prescriptions
Our arts and health group have been working on a number of initiatives including our next Arts and Health Conference, A Bigger Picture which is on the subject of Obesity. The date for this is 19th of January and will be held in Pershore. For more information contact Diane Thomson on dethomson@worcestershire.gov.uk
Inspiring Futures for the Arts
Inspiring Futures with the Arts is funded by the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner with the aim of providing arts activities to those who are at risk of going into the criminal justice system.
It aims to provide artistic interventions to enable people to better understand themselves, gain new skills, develop empathy, find something enjoyable to do and prevent or reduce crime.  The tools provided can be great preparation for job interviews and work settings. The project is within Priority 5 of the Arts Strategy action plan.
The programme will benefit;
·         Increased confidence and self-esteem
·         Greater empathy with others
·         Interest in the arts/further learning
·         Creative skills for work/training
·         Reduction in likelihood of offending
We have been working with Laura McFall who is one of the artists. She has got some quotes from one of the participants on the project. These are some of them:
“It's good that you’re putting your trust in them”
“Me, myself, I’d rather have my eyes open and be in control. If your eyes are shut you can’t see the bad or good”
“I was thinking at first, I don't know what to say, when you sit and think you realise you can do it and have a go and get the hang of it. When you start going back out there all your confidence goes down, when you’re in here, you get all your confidence. With me, I’d rather be in a small group than in bigger group. I feel more comfortable. I’m in my own bubble mostly, but this session has helped me grow stronger and realise I need to have boundaries and feel in control and get to know people slowly and over time before trusting”
“I wish I could go back into the past and not do the things i did”
“I got to up and drama got me going. I’m not normally a morning person”
“When we got to do the character and role play, you had to think on your feet. I enjoyed that”
We are around half way through the programme and will be reporting back on it throughout.
Orchestra of the Swan
Another arts and health project we have been working on is being run by Orchestra of the Swan (OOTS). They are committed to bringing high quality musical experiences to people living with dementia. During 2016 alone they have made over 90 visits to care homes in the region and are continuing to fundraise to ensure they can continue this much valued work. During 2017 OOTS are planning to return to Worcestershire and follow up our very successful 2016 project. Between April and May 2016 four instrumentalists from OOTS played for a total of 12 sessions to people living with dementia in Worcestershire, funded by John Martin's Charity.  Working as two duos, musicians performed in four Evesham care homes, which included specialist dementia homes where many residents had advanced dementia and sometimes challenging behaviour.   The venues were: Hawthorns Nursing Home, Greenhill Park Residential Care Home, Cedar Lodge care Home and Brompton House Residential & Nursing Home.  OOTS is committed to supporting musicians wishing to play in care homes to maximise the benefits for resident, carers, staff and players’ personal and professional development. Each duo played for three successive weeks in the same two venues. This enabled them to get to know residents and staff and develop their performance accordingly.  Care home sessions lasted for 90 minutes, with the last 15 minutes dedicated to reflection on how the session had worked.
In terms of benefits: the evidence shows that people with dementia benefit greatly from musical activity. It allows them to be “in the moment” and celebrates that moment. The music makes real connections with people and unlocks memories of the past that can be shared. Session also enable people to interact in any way they can; tap their feet, nod their heads or sing along.
Here are some quotes from musicians:
“A (resident) asked for Martha Eggert songs last week, we couldn't find any sheet music but made a spotify playlist and played her a recording at the end. She was really moved and talked about watching her in films in Germany. She wept.”
“One lady singing her heart our, with visiting grandson looking wondrously – I don't think he'd ever seen her sing before!”
“I shall always remember that look on V's (resident) face!”
“Partway through one of the songs, V (resident) gathered her whole body strength and let out a single, powerful note. My instincts said “Ah, that was a trained voice” and upon enquiring later, I learned that in fact she had been an “opera singer”. So for that one note, she was her old self and that was very special to me.”
And Finally…
I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a great 2017. Keep the faith!

Friday, 9 December 2016

Worcestershire Arts Partnership - New Chair required

Worcestershire Arts Partnership is looking for a new Chair to take the organisation into the next stage of its development. Please see below advert and role responsibilities


position:        Chair of Worcestershire Arts Partnership (WAP)

Tenure:          Three years

Salary:            Voluntary position


-       To be the key strategic lead of Worcestershire Arts Partnership (WAP), ensuring that the WAP Steering Group effectively drives and monitors the delivery of Worcestershire’s Arts Strategy ‘1000 Days’, 2016-2019

-       To be an ambassador and advocate for the Arts in Worcestershire, acting influentially to raise its profile with artists, funders and the public and being a spokesperson to the media and other bodies

-       To effectively chair and be fully involved in 4 meetings annually of the WAP Steering Group, plus preparation meetings.  (Members of the WAP Steering Group can be seen here: http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/wap)

-       To attend associated WAP events and meetings

-       To ensure that any dedicated budgets related to WAP are managed effectively and demonstrate value for money

-       To take an active interest in ensuring the sustainability of WAP into the long-term

-       To provide leadership for harmonious and effective working relationships between WAP members

-       To bring ideas, support and challenge to the WAP team (currently The County Arts Service, a WAP Development Manager and part-time Chairs of four sub-groups) and WAP network

-       To understand the role of non-arts representatives on WAP (such as from Health, Education, Economic organisations) and to work with the WAP team to strategically engage these sectors in the Arts


Skills required:

-       Drive and enthusiasm for threading high quality Arts into people’s lives

-       Substantial experience of working co-operatively with a broad range of people and organisations, and of working in partnership to make things happen

-       Ability to provide clear leadership and direction

-       Knowledge of the wider context for the arts in the UK

-       Authenticity and integrity

-       High level influencing skills with a range of people and organisations

-       Strong networking skills

-       Good, independent judgement, political impartiality and the ability to think creatively

-       Well-developed interpersonal skills, including tact and diplomacy, to achieve outcomes

-       Excellent communication and presentation skills

-       A commitment to equality of opportunity



-       Worcestershire Arts Partnership (WAP) is an unincorporated association of people who work in, or have a professional interest in, the sustainability and development of the arts in Worcestershire.  It is an established network that operates county-wide.  It is not a separate legal entity, but is supported by the resource of the County Arts Service, part of Worcestershire County Council.

-       This is a voluntary position and does not constitute a contractual relationship

-       Administrative support for the role can be provided by the WAP team

-       You will be invited to attend a wide range of WAP events in this role, including day-time and evening events, but are not expected to be able to attend them all.

A new Chair for Worcestershire Arts Partnership

These are exciting times for the Arts in Worcestershire, home to a strong mix of independent artists and arts organisations, arts venues, festivals and galleries, and which welcomes a breadth of art forms including visual arts, performing arts, music, literature, dance and many more.  Some of the best arts projects in the county have been collaborative ventures, involving the arts and non-arts sectors in coming together to create an exciting and vibrant offer for Worcestershire’s communities and visitors.

But there are challenges too – providing artists with the skills to be resilient in the face of reduced public funding; encouraging arts graduates to stay in the county; diversifying the arts scene; shouting louder about the role the arts can play and ensuring the arts can contribute further to people’s health and wellbeing, young people’s life chances and the economy.

Worcestershire Arts Partnership (WAP) is at the heart of enabling positive artistic collaborations and responding to the challenges. 

WAP brings organisations together to champion the arts in the county and to create a more sustainable future for the sector. It has made significant progress since its formation in 2009.  It now has over 500 followers on social media and 80 members who attend events and networking meetings.


Led by a Steering Group of influential partner organisations, WAP has a small number of sub-groups who carry out innovative and exciting collaborative projects on cross-cutting subjects, bringing the arts to people across the county.


In 2017, WAP will formally launch its new 3 year Arts Strategy for Worcestershire, ‘1000 Days’, as well review its own structure and delivery mechanisms.  To coincide with this, it is seeking a new Chair. 


Are you interested in this exciting and influential leadership role?


We are looking for someone with

-       Drive and enthusiasm for threading high quality Arts into people’s lives

-       A reputation for objectivity, authenticity, integrity, tact and diplomacy

-       Leadership and influencing skills

-       Strong networking skills


You would be able to advocate for the Arts in Worcestershire at a senior level, raising its profile amongst artists, the public and funders.  You would be expected to chair four Steering Group meetings annually and to input your own ideas, challenge and support to the team who make Worcestershire Arts Partnership happen on the ground. 

To apply for this voluntary role, please send a CV and brief covering letter explaining your suitability for the position (with reference to the Role Description) by 4pm on Friday 3rd February 2017 to

Steve Wilson, County Arts Officer, Worcestershire County Council via email swilson@worcestershire.gov.uk.

For an informal discussion about the role, please contact Steve Wilson on email or on 01905 845754. 

The current Chair of WAP, Judith Elkin, is also happy to be contacted for an informal discussion about her perception of the role.  Her contact details are j.elkin@worc.ac.uk

Interviews will be held between 8th and 17th February 2017 with a panel drawn from the WAP Steering Group.


Thursday, 1 December 2016

Perfect Circle Youth Theatre present...

Perfect Circle Youth Theatre present


Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare.

Friday 9th & Saturday 10th December, 7.30pm at Malvern Cube.


Perfect Circle Youth Theatre bring innovation, irreverence, clowning and 80s power ballads to Shakespeare's dark comedy of mistaken identity and humiliation.

'Twelfth Night' features a fantastic cast of local young people. The production lasts approx. 1 hour, including a short introductory film created by the cast.

Tickets are 'pay what you can' - we'll be shaking a bucket for donations - all proceeds go towards supporting future productions.

Coming soon…


Audition/workshop (ages 14-19)


Zero for the Young Dudes! by Alistair McDowall. Monday 12th December, 5.30pm - 7.30pm at Malvern Cube. 


We're looking for cast & crew for our next production, part of the National Theatre's Connections programme. Rehearsals will be Mondays and Wednesdays with performances in March 2017. We will also be touring to Warwick Arts Centre on the 29th and 30th April.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Artist Opportunities in the Midlands - x3 artist commissions

Please see below links to three opportunities for artists commissions in the Midlands region


Hanbury Hall, Worcestershire: sian.goodman@nationaltrust.org.uk  Documents available here:  http://bit.ly/2dB3gBz 


Biddulph Grange Garden and Geological Gallery, Staffordshire:   helen.wilshaw@nationaltrust.org.uk  Documents available here:  http://bit.ly/2eDoON


Packwood House, Warwickshire: Open Day 28 November. Please contact Abigail Gissey abigail.gissey@nationaltrust.org.uk  to rsvp to the open day. Documents available here: http://bit.ly/2dKxNIi

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Worcestershire Arts Partnership November newsletter



The First 31 Days – 969 to go!

October was a busy month for us at WAP and we were delighted to do our launch event at The Cube which was run in conjunction with an Open Space meeting about collaboration which was then followed by a showing of the beautiful poetic play The Magnetic Dairies, which signalled the opening of the new festival of theatre, Feast.

Feast featured a wide range of shows, workshops as well as great stuff for all the family. I ran a workshop on writing 20 minute plays and I saw a couple of great plays, The Murderer and From Ibiza to The Norfolk Broads.

In October we also featured  the work of Arts in Minds who provide a great service for people who have or are suffering  with mental health issues and who are using creativity as a way of healing. Wap have been working with this organisation for some time now and both Claire Hilton and her predecessor Jayne Gaze have given many presentations at events about this organisation. They are an excellent group who have deservedly   been funded by The   Arts Council on many occasions.


November 2016

For November we are looking ahead to a couple of projects that WAP has taken a lead on. Both are very different in their nature and a key person connected to them is Manda Graham. Manda was the arts officer at Malvern Hills but now has become one of the leading freelancers in the county. Manda is the Project Manager of the Ring which is a project that will place arts on the Worcester Droitwich Canal Ring. The project came about through the work of an ex colleague Simon Tipple who worked for Destination Worcestershire and who was keen for the arts to play a major role in the redevelopment of the Worcester Droitwich Canal Ring. A few years and significant public funding later we are now ready to begin employing artists and to place some fantastic art work of all types on the Waterways. Cathy Major has been employed as Artistic Director and Cathy with the help of Tim Easop from The Canals Rivers Trust has some great ideas on the kind of art interventions that will make The Ring one of the best arts projects in the county.

Manda is also heavily involved in the development of Worcestershire Theatre Club. This project came about through some shows that were run by Fuel at Malvern Theatres and the need to try and get theatre audiences for new writing. The project has now gone county wide and we now have a thriving network of audience members who regularly see new challenging work. Check out Worcestershire Theatre Club on Facebook to see what shows are planned in the autumn.

Last but not least there was the project A Place Free of Judgement


A Place Free of Judgement 'A Place Free of Judgement' is an ACE Funded Regional project in libraries, supported by Arts Connect, ASCEL and The University of Worcester. The project is about a teenage take-over of libraries and a re-imagination of how libraries will look like in the future.

The lead Libraries were:

 Cannock, Staffordshire; Southwater, Shropshire; St. John's, Worcestershire  

 Blast Theory, an internationally renowned group of artists, and acclaimed author Tony White, were the lead artists and we had a wonderful group of students who really enjoyed the whole event.

In October, St John's Library was the site for a live streamed  event which will be  then made into a short film and published into a book with a Blog updating progress on the way.

Looking ahead we will feature the wonderful Tenbury Mistletoe Festival which is taking place in December .

Funding News Funding News Funding News Funding News……

As well as the Arts Council's new funding guidance for their NPO funding we also wanted to point out some of the funding that is available from Paul Hamlyn Foundation. http://www.phf.org.uk/. Paul Hamlyn plays a major role in funding projects working to make real social change especially with young people and its definitely worth a look.

 Who are the WAP PARTNERS

The focus this week is on Natalie McVey

Natalie McVey - Service Lead Young People 13-24, Libraries, Learning and Arts

What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on a number of Arts Projects including 'A Place Free of Judgement', 'Young Poet Laureate' and 'Worcestershire Teen Book Award'.

I am also working with colleagues to develop a set of Standards for 'Autism Friendly Libraries', extending our core services to children and young people in the Looked After System, and  incorporating the 'Code Green'  Digital initiatives across the Libraries and Learning Service.

What does the WAP mean to you?

To me, WAP means a broad range of passionate people, from a variety of backgrounds, sectors and places, coming together to champion 'The Arts' in its broadest sense.

It means that collectively, we ensure that The Arts are relevant, accessible, exciting and headline grabbing for all communities and individuals in Worcestershire.

 Who do you work with in the WAP?

I mainly work with Steve Wilson and his team, but WAP has also given me the opportunity to establish productive working relationships with a variety of people, such as WAW, Perfect Circle Theatre Company, Dancefest and Caged Arts.

My virtual door is always open.  

What do you most enjoy in your job

There are too many things to mention.

I have found that the more I engage with The Arts and Artists, the more job satisfaction I get. Recently I have worked with Blast Theory, world leaders in their field of Digital Arts. This opportunity gave me such a sense of achievement as it pushed our boundaries in a huge number of ways.   

I guess that underpinning it all for me is the opportunity to work with young people, some of whom have been marginalised and not been given opportunities that many take for granted.

What is your greatest challenge?

Saying 'No'






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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Ensuring Cultural Education in England, a Pathway for Talent and Access to the Arts for All!

Ensuring Cultural Education in England

An Inclusive Curriculum, a Pathway for Talent and Access to the Arts for All

Policy-UK Forum: Morning, Wednesday 7th December 2016
Central London

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With a Keynote Address from
Richard Russell
Chief Operating Officer

Arts Council England


And further contributions from

Dea Birkett, Creative Director, Kids in Museums and Liza Vallance, Artistic Director, Studio 3 Arts


Chaired by

Sharon Hodgson MP, Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Art, Craft and Design in Education and David Warburton MP, Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Music Education




We are pleased to be offering a 16% (£40) discount via the code using the code CLTR1G-562447. Further discounts (as well as free places) are also available to assist those for whom the ticket price is a barrier. Never feel excluded - we try to accommodate everyone (further details are below).



“I want every single young person to have the opportunity to discover how the arts can enrich their lives. Access to cultural education is a matter of social justice.”

(Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP)


Being held at the mid-way point of the Government’s 2011 National Plan for Music, and nine months on from the publication of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s Culture White Paper, this timely forum will assess progress made in ensuring all young people in England have access to the arts and a quality cultural education, as well as how to stem the decline in the number of students taking these subjects at school and beyond.



Protecting Access to Arts and Culture

School Partnerships, Overcoming Budget Cuts and Impact of Brexit

Delegates will look at the importance of access to culture for young peoples’ social and emotional wellbeing and all-round education, and how the ongoing reduction to local authority budgets, coupled with reduced funding from the EU following Brexit, will affect cultural institutions in the UK and the opportunity and ability for them to partner with schools or organise events aimed at young people.



Arts for All

Implementing the White Paper, Eradicating Inequality of Opportunity and Joined-Up Working

Sessions will also look at how to overcome inequalities of opportunity, including the role of Pupil Premium funding, how the continuation of funding for 2016/17 for Music Hubs will help to encourage more joined-up working between organisations and provide high quality music education for all as well as what is expected from the recently announced Cultural Citizen’s Programme pilots beginning in September, where young people from disadvantaged communities will be given access to a range of cultural activities.



Culture in Schools and Beyond

The EBacc Effect, Teacher Shortages and Progression to Work

Further sessions will assess the impact of the EBacc on take up of arts subjects at GSCE and A-level, and what effect the lengthening of school days to allow more time for extra-curricular activities such as ‘sport and art’, as suggested in the Budget, will have on interest in the subjects. Delegates will also look at the priorities for tackling current teacher shortage levels in the arts and whether the current curriculum gives pupils a realistic representation of arts in the real world, particularly looking at progression and routes into employment.



Further information is available on our website here.


< < < Confirmed Speakers < < <


Richard Russell, Director for Policy and Research, Arts Council England will be delivering a keynote address at this event. Dea Birkett, Creative Director, Kids in Museums and Liza Vallance, Artistic Director, Studio 3 Arts will also be speaking.


Sharon Hodgson MP, Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Art, Craft and Design in Education and David Warburton MP, Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Music Education will be chairing the forum.


The process for inviting further participants is currently under way however we are always keen to hear from potential speakers - or hear nominations of individuals you think could make a contribution. Please get in touch if you - or a colleague you may like to nominate - would like to take part. 


> > > Networking and Attendees > > >


Places have already been reserved by ABRSM; Almeida Theatre; Arts Council England; Artswork; Barbican Centre; Birmingham City University; Birmingham Repertory Theatre; Bishop Grosseteste University; Brighton & Hove Music & Arts; Bristol Music Trust; Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival; Cambridgeshire Music; Chapel Arts Studio; Chichester Festival Theatre; Conservatoires UK; Coventry Performing Arts; Crafts Council; Design Museum; Digital Theatre; Drake Music; Face Front Inclusive Theatre; Gateway 6th Form College; Graeae Theatre Company; Greenwich Dance; Hawkins\Brown; Incorporated Society of Musicians; Kazzum; Kent County Council; Kent Music; Knowsley Borough Council; Laban Guild for Movement and Dance; Leeds Museums and Galleries; Leeds Music Education Partnership; London Borough of Ealing; LSA Technology & Performing Arts College; London Symphony Orchestra; Lyric Hammersmith; Manasamitra; Matthew Bourne's New Adventures; Minack Theatre Trust; Museum of London; Music in the Round; NCFE; Norfolk & Norwich Festival Bridge; One Dance UK; Opera North; Orchestras Live; Pallant House Gallery; Paul Hamlyn Foundation; Perrett Laver; Real Ideas Organisation CIC; Roundhouse; Royal Academy of Dance; Royal & Derngate Theatres; Royal Shakespeare Company; Saffron Hall Trust; Self; Sound and Music; Shakespeare Birthplace Trust; The Denys Bower Bequest; The Glasgow School of Art; The National Society for Education in Art and Design; The Regent Theatre; Theatre Royal Norwich; The Sixteen; Tri-borough Music Hub; Trinity College London; Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance; University of Bedfordshire and Watts Gallery - Artists' Village.


We factor in networking opportunities when designing our events and always attempt to provide time at the beginning, middle and end for those wishing to engage one-on-one to do so with their fellow attendees. We can never guarantee anyone's attendance (or their actual availability on the day) but do try to facilitate the chance for delegates to engage.


If you are interested sponsoring, exhibiting or promoting your organisation at our event then please get in contact via sponsorship@policy-uk.com or on 0845 647 9000. We have packages available for all budgets and are happy to negotiate accordingly.


< < < Event and Booking Information < < <


Ensuring Cultural Education in England

An Inclusive Curriculum, a Pathway for Talent and Access to the Arts for All

Morning, Wednesday, 7th December 2016

Central London



Places at the forum (including course materials and refreshments) are:

£210.00 *



* Use the promotional code: CLTR1G-562447 to receive the above rate. £210 is 16% (£40) off our standard fee of £250;

* Multi-Delegate Discount *

Register 2 Delegates and the 3rd is Half Price (this can be used with discount code above)


We strive for a varied audience made up of not only the companies and public sector organisations with a financial interest in the topic but those small charities and individuals for whom this is both a career and a passion. To assist attendance, we offer discounts and free places for those with a genuine need. In brief, we run an honour system, asking those who can pay to do so, which enables us to provide free places for those who cannot. Please email me if you think you qualify. All decisions are made on a case by case basis.


Please be aware:

  • This discount will expire at midnight on Thursday 10th November 2016;
  • We use an automated system so you must use the promotional code at the time of booking or the discount rates will not be awarded and you will be charged the full rate of £250;
  • Places at the event are limited and tickets using the promotional code will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis; and
  • Once confirmed your booking will be subject to the terms and conditions and potentially cancellation charges.





Alex Kenney
Producer, Policy-UK
t: 0845 647 9000 | e:
a.kenney@policy-uk.com| w: policy-uk.com | tw: @PolicyUKAlex


Policy-UK. Registered Company No. 09974889. Registered Office 2nd Floor, 18 The Ropewalk, Nottingham NG1 5DT, Registered in England and Wales.


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About Us
Policy-UK organises Forums, Conferences and Roundtables on pertinent public policy issues. We liaise with policymakers, charities and other organisations within the sector to inform our events so we, and our delegates, can be confident we are covering the right issues at the right time.


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Our events are written up and published in Politics First Magazine which is distributed to Parliamentarians in Westminster, Holyrood, the Senedd and Stormont. In this we hope to ensure our events don't just remain in the room and get into the hands of those who were unable to make it on the day and tasked with making decisions.



((((( A Policy-UK Forum )))))
Ensuring Cultural Education in England
An Inclusive Curriculum, a Pathway for Talent and Access to the Arts for All

Wednesday, 7th December 2016
Central London
Agenda in Draft
8.30 – 9.00
Registration, Coffee and Networking
9.00 – 9.05
Chair and Policy-UK Welcoming remarks
Sharon Hodgson MP
Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Art, Craft and Design in Education

9.05 - 9.25
The Importance and Value of the Arts
Speaker invitations under consideration
- - - -  Questions, and answer session with delegates - - - -

9.25 - 10.15
Ensuring Access to Arts for All
Forging Partnerships, Overcoming Budget Cuts and Engaging with Families
  • What impact will the ongoing cuts to local authority budgets and the reduced funding from the EU following Brexit have on cultural institutions in the UK and their ability to partner with schools or organise events aimed at young people?
  • How will the continued funding for Music Education Hubs to 2016/17 help to create and promote more joined-up provision for young people to access the music? How successful have Music Hubs been so far?
  • What more can schools, local authorities and cultural institutions do to work together to provide equal opportunities and access to the arts and overcome significant socio-economic and geographical inequalities and engage with families who may not traditionally be involved in the arts, for example raising awareness of discounted theatre tickets or free art shows etc.?
  • What is expected from the Cultural Citizen’s Programme pilots, which started in September, and how can the results and recommendations be rolled out nationally next year?
  • Did the DCMS Culture White Paper go far enough to ensure access to the arts for all?
Dea Birkett
Creative Director
Kids in Museums
Further speaker Invitations under consideration
- - - -  Questions, and answer session with delegates - - - -

10.15 - 10.55
Investing in the Arts
The Cultural Citizens Programmes, the Cultural Education Challenge and Outcomes from the Pilots
Richard Russell
 Liza Vallance
Chief Operating Officer
 Artistic Director
Arts Council England
Studio 3 Arts
Further speaker invitations under consideration
- - - -  Questions, and answer session with delegates - - - -

10.55 - 11.00
Chair’s Closing Comments
Sharon Hodgson MP
Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Art, Craft and Design in Education
11.00 - 11.30
Refreshments and Networking break
11.30 - 11.35
The Chair’s Welcome Back
David Warburton MP
Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Music Education

11.35 - 12.05
The Government’s Vision for Cultural Education
Speaker invitations under consideration
- - - -  Questions, and answer session with delegates - - - -

12.05 - 12.55
Culture and Arts in Schools
The EBacc Effect, Teacher Supply and Progression to Work
  • What more could be done by schools to use Pupil Premium funding to create more opportunities for young people to take up arts at school? How likely will the focus on culture for this year’s Pupil Premium Awards be on take up?
  • How feasible would Labour’s commitment to introduce an ‘arts pupil premium’ be if they were elected at the next General Election?
  • With arts and music seen to becoming the ‘preserve of the elite’, particularly with the cost of musical instruments and the cost of theatre tickets being a barrier to families on lower incomes, what can schools do to ensure that students have access to cultural institutions and in turn encourage an interest in the arts?
  • How has the withdrawal of the Expressive Arts GSCE and the introduction of the EBacc last September affected the perception of arts subjects amongst students and take up of arts subjects at GSCE and A-level?
  • To what extent will lengthening the school day allow more time for extra-curricular activities such as ‘sport and art’? Do schools have sufficient funding and resources to offer this extra-curricular provision?
  • What are the priorities for tackling current teacher shortage levels in the arts and music at both primary and secondary level?
  • To what extent does the current curriculum give pupils a realistic representation of arts in the real world and routes into employment and what more could be done to improve careers advice?
  • Following the Government’s announcement to double the number of apprenticeship places by 2020, how many of these will be set aside for arts and culture?
  • With the creative industries contributing a significant amount to the UK’s economy, what more can employers in this sector do to encourage take up of arts subjects, identify skills gaps and work with schools to provide routes into work?
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David Warburton MP
Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Music Education