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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Ockham's Razor's - Singers required

Do you want to take part in a ground-breaking new show by the innovative Ockham’s Razor ?

Malvern Theatre
April 2013

We are looking for 20 people, with a love of singing…
interested, then email:

“Ockham's Razor is a hugely promising young aerial company who don't just have superb circus skills, but also highly creative brains.”
The Guardian

“aerial artistry…with ingenuity and theatrical flair”
The Times

Ockham’s Razor are an award winning aerial theatre company who combine circus and visual theatre to make work that is arresting and entertaining. We specialise in creating physical theatre on original pieces of aerial equipment.

We are in the process of making a new show
Not Until We Are Lost which will be performed at Malvern Theatre in April 2013. We are looking for 20 singers to take part in the live performances. You do not need to have any previous theatre or performance experience, just a desire to be involved.

Not Until We Are Lost will be a promenade/interactive performance where the audience pass through a fluid labyrinth that enfolds and opens around them. We will use aerial performance and a transforming set to create images and illusions which surround the audience as they journey through the narrative.

There will be a strong choral element to the show with a chorus of 20 singers embedded within the audience. Their voices will interact and reflect on the action of the piece. At times they will sing from within the audience at other times they will be unseen, outside of the picture, singing through the walls, or they will create tunnels of sound for the audience to pass through. There will be an original score composed by leading UK composer, Graham Fitkin. Not Until We Are Lost will tour across the UK and we are collaborating with different community choirs across the country. In Newcastle we are looking to set up a new group of people to become the chorus.

It will be the chance to get involved with an exciting project joining a ground breaking company and a leading UK composer to create a new and innovative show. It will offer you the opportunity to meet new people, experience singing new music and to be part of a truly memorable, landmark performance.

The show will take place in
April 2013There will be musical rehearsals leading up to the show with on-stage rehearsals between 30-1 March and evening performances 2-7 April 2013.

If you would like to take part please email:

For more information
about the company please visit
or call 020 8964 5060

Theatre Protection Fund Small Grants

Theatre Protection Fund Small Grants
Purpose: The Theatres Trust works with commercial, public and voluntary sectors to secure a sustainable future for theatre buildings. Through its Theatre Protection Fund Small Grants Scheme, theatres run by charities and not-for-profit groups can apply for grants in order to carry out capital improvements to enhance their work within the local community. The types of works that can be funded include urgent building repairs, environmental improvements and works to enhance physical accessibility, etc.
Who can apply: Theatres run by charities and not-for-profit groups. Applicants have to own or manage theatres with titles or signed leases of more than 5 years on buildings. Applicants also need to demonstrate that they run a regular theatre programme of professional, community and/or amateur work presenting no less than 30 performances a year.
Level of Funding: Up to £5,000.
Deadline: Application can be submitted at any time.

Parlor Dance

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Job Opportunity - The Hive - Project Co-ordinator

21ST January 2013


 Project Co-ordinator Required

An experienced Project Manager is required to manager the above project which is taking place at The Hive in July 2013.

Kays at The Hive will be a one day event which will celebrate and look back at the history of one of the most famous employers in Worcester.

Kay & Co Ltd was one of Worcester’s largest and best known companies, answering the nation’s shopping needs for more than 100 years. Their mail-order catalogues were extremely popular, containing contemporary fashions, household items and luxuries.

Kays at The Hive will include the following:

  • Talks about the history of Kays including a proposed tour of the sites in Worcester.

  • A new play using as inspiration stories of those who worked at Kays

  • A fashion show including a cat walk.

  • A silent disco with music from the 1950's, 1970's and 1990's

The event will take place on Saturday 20th July 2013.

Your role will be to assist myself (Project Manager) in ensuring the project runs on time and within budget. This will include the following roles which will be done in conjunction with myself.

Selection of artists including a writer/director/choreographer

  • Liaison with The Hive's staffing teams

  • Co-ordination of the day's events

  • Researching and obtaining clothes from the period

  • Getting community groups involved in the project especially the cat walk.
You will need to be well organised and have experience of working in a large public space as well as a knowledge of the arts/cultural/heritage scene in Worcester. An interest in fashion will also be great!

If you are interested please send me a letter outlining your skills and why you are interested by Thursday 31st January by email to swilson@worcestershire.gov.uk

Please call me if you have any further questions.

The fee for the work is: £2.400 including travel and expenses.

Best Wishes

Steve Wilson
County Arts Officer
01905 765754

Job Opportunity - The Hive - Writer/Director

21ST January 2013


 Writer/Director needed.

An experienced Writer/Director is required to work alongside Steve Wilson on  the above project which is taking place at The Hive in July 2013.

Kays at The Hive will be a one day event which will celebrate and look back at the history of one of the most famous employers in Worcester.

Kay & Co Ltd was one of Worcester’s largest and best known companies, answering the nation’s shopping needs for more than 100 years. Their mail-order catalogues were extremely popular, containing contemporary fashions, household items and luxuries.

Kays at The Hive will include the following:

  • Talks about the history of Kays including a proposed tour of the sites in Worcester.

  • A new play using as inspiration stories of those who worked at Kays

  • A fashion show including a cat walk.

  • A silent disco with music from the 1950's, 1970's and 1990's

The event will take place on Saturday 20th July 2013.

Your role will be to co-write and direct with the Project Manager, Steve Wilson to write and direct the play which will last approximately 1 Hour. This will include undertaking research into Kays and finding out stories from those who worked there. A wide array of material is available.
Your role will be too:

  • Write and direct the play

  • Audition and cast two professional actors

  • Work with a cast of amateur actors

  • Attend steering group meetings

You need to have the following skills.

·         An experience of writing plays to a deadline

·         An experience of directing plays

·         Some experience of writing plays based on social history

Please send a letter by e-mail of no more than two sides of A4 plus your CV and a sample of your work to Steve Wilson to swilson@worcestershire.gov.uk as to why you are interested by Thursday 7th February 2013.

The fee for the work is £3.000.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Opportunity for Artist /Facilitator - The Infirmary, University of Worcester

Opportunity for Artist /Facilitator - The Infirmary, University of Worcester
The Infirmary is an interactive exhibition at the University of Worcester exploring health and the medical stories of one of England’s oldest Infirmaries. We are offering a commission for an artist/facilitator to work with older members of our community who may be encountering life changes such as redundancy, isolation, ill health or bereavement. The project period is 4-6 months and should deliver a highly enriching experience for the participants. Other key aspects are development of a lasting resource for use with other audiences and an interest in promoting inter-generational learning.
We are looking for innovative, high quality practice approaches, with practitioners who are experienced in working with older people (over 50) in community and health related contexts.  Our key partnering organisation is Age UK.
We are open to different art forms.
Tender Deadline:  12 noon 11 February  2013
Project Delivery: March – July 2013 (Subject to final negotiations)* Project Brief attached
If you wish to discuss the project informally please contact:-
Carol Bowsher, Learning and Access Officer, The Infirmary  email c.bowsher@worc.ac.uk or tel: 01905 542540

Infirmary Project Brief

Project Brief: Creative Arts Initiative (working with older people)
Organisation: The Infirmary, University of Worcester 
Submission Deadline: 12 noon Monday 11th February 2013
Fee: £6,000 (lnclusive of travel, materials and VAT)

Project Brief Outline  
The Infirmary is seeking to commission an artist/facilitator to work with people over the age of fifty who may be experiencing challenges in their lives. This could be in a number of potential areas from feelings of isolation, or adjusting to life changes such as bereavement, health issues or voluntary/compulsory retirement status. This project commission, supported by AGE UK, will enable participants to engage in creative activity with positive outcomes for those involved. An important element of the project will be sustainable outcomes. This will be through the generation of a lasting final product/resource which may share understanding about isolation or life changes, together with giving consideration to building on the interests of the group in the longer term.  The Infirmary is also interested in discussing the feasibility of inter-generational working, perhaps through students or family connections, in building understanding between age groups of life issues.
The project brief is not prescriptive in terms of art forms but it is essential that applicants have experience of working with older people within community and health related contexts. The project term is 4-6 months commencing in March 2013 and will engage participants on a regular basis during the actual residency period.
The Infirmary is a new medical exhibition focusing on the history of the former Worcester Royal Infirmary and the science behind medicine from the late 1700s, when the Infirmary was built, to the present day. Additionally the exhibition aims to provoke thought and build empathy on matters relating to some of the more hidden histories of health as well promoting reflection on preventative measures. The exhibition is housed in one of the former wards of the hospital and now forms part of the University of Worcester’s City Campus. It has been developed through a Heritage lottery funded partnership between the University and the Charles Hastings Education Centre (CHEC) an educational charity whose purpose is the advancement of education in areas relating to medicine and health care. This is complementary to the University’s strong vocational training and teaching in these areas.
Aims and Objectives
Developing opportunities for more vulnerable members of our community or hard to reach groups by working in partnership with voluntary and charitable agencies is one of The Infirmary’s objectives.
The rationale for commissioning of an artist/facilitator is to support participants through a period of change in their lives, giving them opportunities to develop new skills, as well as building relevant connections.
Intended Outcomes/outputs for participants:-
·         Experience benefits from engagement in creative activity
·         Develop new, or lapsed, skills and interests  
·         Raise self-esteem and confidence
·         Build social connections and foster peer support
·         Feel more empowered to participate in society
·         A creative output generating sense of achievement by the group
Intended Outcomes/outputs for the Infirmary, partner and wider community:-
·         Develop sustainable relationships with individuals, local community and local partnership organisations
·         Enhanced knowledge and understanding of life cycle and health issues
·         A sustainable resource which may enhance others understanding relating to perhaps isolation or life changes as well as building appreciation of others contribution to society.
In developing this project we also seek to build on Age UK’s aims and objectives in particular:-
To enable older people to influence the services they want; to identify new areas of activity they can engage with; to increase awareness of opportunities available to older people; to treat older people fairly and with respect recognising their different needs, choices and values and to promote the value of older people in their communities and to each other.
Artist /facilitator Requirements:-
·         Work with the Infirmary co-ordinator to agree creative framework and delivery arrangements of the project
·         Work with the Infirmary co-ordinator and participant group in understanding needs in helping to shape the project
·         Planning and delivery of creative workshop sessions with participants within agreed timescales
·         Provision of necessary support to allow participants to feel confident in exploring themselves creatively seeking ways to encourage and harness the creative potential of participants
·         Development of a final creative resource in extending the learning from the project to other groups and individuals.
·         Take an active part in the evaluation of the project.
·         Supply of necessary materials for workshop and final resource
·         Appropriate insurance cover
Approach and Support
In delivering this project we have set the following broad principles of approach:-
·         The project will be run as a partnership with the participants to consolidate ownership
·         The highest standard will be expected from the project and quality of materials used throughout and for final product
·         The participants will be involved in as many aspects of running the project as possible to provide them with opportunities to learn new skills (or to develop existing skills)
Upon agreement of project proposal, the project will be co-ordinated by Carol Bowsher, Learning and Access Officer for The Infirmary who will be the first point of contact. A link officer from Age UK will provide advice and support as required.
Indicative Timescale
Time frame 2013
11 February
Submission deadline
8 March (tbc)
Mid March
Project Initiation
April /May
May /July
Residency period
Development of resource

* subject to negotiations with appointed artist

Selection Criteria
·         Experience of participatory work with older people in community and health related settings
·         Understanding of brief and knowledge of the needs of target audience
·         Evidence of production of high quality work (process and product)
·         Consideration of end product and sustainable outcomes from the project
·         Evidence of ability to deliver to project specification and budget

Submission Details
Interested artist/facilitators should submit an outline proposal which includes the following information:-
·         Your initial ideas /approach to brief in line with objectives and outcomes (no more than 2 sides of A4)
·         Details of knowledge and experience of working with older people and of how this will help you deliver this project  (no more than 2 pages)
·         Budget breakdown - Details of how you will develop the project in relation to the proposed fee with a full budget breakdown (day rates, materials, creative sessions, resource development)
The closing date for receipt of tenders is 12 noon Monday 11 February 2013.
Tenders should be returned Return to: Carol Bowsher, Learning and Access Officer, The Infirmary, University of Worcester, City Campus, Castle Street, Worcester, WR1 3AS.
Telephone enquiries for an informal discussion: 01905 542540
*Fee & payments: Upon appointment a schedule of payments will be agreed on commissioning. The contractor will be require dot submit invoices to the Infirmary quoting relevant order number. 
Additional Information.
You may find the following links useful:-
University of Worcester  www.worcester.ac.uk 
Visits to  The Infirmary Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (Christmas closure 3rd December -  7 January)

Monday, 14 January 2013

Opportunity for artists in all disciplines

Opportunity for artists in all disciplines

The Worcestershire Arts Partnership (WAP) is working with First Capital Connect and CBS Outdoors to commission 5 artists to produce work that will be exhibited and/or performed on Bus routes across Worcestershire.
Each artist will be paid £100 towards the work.

Background to the Project
The WAP has a remit of providing access to the arts to as many people as possible and sees this project as a way of bringing arts to a group of people who may not have the opportunity to access it. We are working in partnership with First Capital Connect and CBS Outdoors on this unique and exciting project which will have the backing of us both to raise the profile of the arts and of course yourself!

The Brief
We are seeking five artists from a variety of art forms. Examples could include:

·         Poets who wish to have their work displayed
·         Musicians who are looking at playing to new audiences
·         Visual artists who wish to see their work on a new canvas
·         Theatre companies who wish to have new audiences.

The list is endless and the only limit is your imagination.

You need to send us in the form of no more than three sides of A4

·         A description of your piece
·         how much space it will require
·         The duration if it is a live piece or any issues which may need to be considered if it is not live.
·         Any requirements you will need in terms of access to refresh your work in any way
·         An outline on how you will install your work and how long it will take to install, please keep this to a minimum. 
·         A copy of your risk assessment
·         Tell us what your connection to Worcestershire is or why you would like to work here.

You can also send us a web link or dvd to show your work.

You supply all your work at your own risk, First Group can make no commitment to the security of your work, you may have to consider that your work may not be returned to you, could be interfered with or stolen by passengers, please bare this in mind. The Worcestershire Arts Partnership (WAP), First Capital Connect and CBS Outdoors take no responsibility for your work it is displayed at your own risk.
Please remember your work will be shown in a public place to all ages and tastes, though we don’t want to put too many restrictions on applicants we must ask you not to include sexual references, nudity or profanity.
Your work must leave no trace on its host bus, just a lasting memory or souvenir of the journey for those who encounter it.

Time line

The date for submission is: 30.01.13

You will know if you have been shortlisted by: 15.02.13

Your chance to meet the selection panel date is: 25.02.13

Exhibition and Performance dates are: during March 2013 details to be confirmed

To apply please send in the above to:

Loz Samuels
Arts and Play Development Officer
Wyre Forest District Council
Wyre Forest House
Finepoint Way
DY11 7WF

Tel: 01562 732 977


Please find attached the programme of meetings, talks and workshops to take place during 2013.

I would appreciate it if you would publicise this as appropriate.

 I draw you attention in particular to The West Midlands Regional Day of the Embroiderers Guild which Worcester is hosting at Worcester Warriors, Sixway Stadium on June 22nd.

We welcome visitors and new members to our meetings.


5th February   Talk             ‘Venture Update’                            Venture Group

5th March       Talk              ‘From Farming to Felt’                         Jill Denton
6th March        Workshop    ‘Felt & Mixed Media Jewellery’                Jill Denton
7th March        Workshop     ‘Nuno Felt Scarf’                                Jill Denton

2nd April        Talk              ‘Creative Surfaces’                              Lynda Monk
                    Bring & Buy             and                          Meadows Trophy Theme
3rd April         Workshop    ‘Creative Surfaces’                               Lynda Monk

7th May                   Talk              ‘Batik - The People Behind the Cloth’              Diane Gaffney
8th May                   Workshop    Folded Secrets, Chinese Thread Booklets’  Ruth Smith
9th May                   Workshop    ‘Make a Folded Secrets Book Cover’                  Ruth Smith

4th June         Talk              ‘This is How I Do It’                        Yvonne Brown
5th June         Workshop    ‘Medieval Magic’                              Yvonne Brown

22nd June    WEST MIDLANDS REGIONAL DAY at Worcester Warriors,
                        Sixway Stadium,  WR3 8ZE.
                        Speakers: am - Althea MacKenzie -‘Every Object Tells a Story’
                                           pm - Alice Kettle – ‘Stories of Stitch’
2nd July                   Workshop    -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -               Committee Members
3rd July                   Workshop    ‘Thrift and Alchemy’                    Stephanie Redfern

3rd Sept.        Workshop     ‘The Good, the Bad & the Ugly’             Gina Ferrari
4th Sept.        Workshop    ‘Tassels, Cords & Beads’                      Gina Ferrari

1st Oct.                   A.G.M.          Lunch from 1pm                     Speaker from Branch
2nd Oct.         Workshop    ‘Inspiring Images’                             Annette Emms

5th Nov.        Talk              ‘The Obsession Continues’                  Maryke Phillips
                   Bring & Buy
6th Nov.        Workshop    ‘Hand Stitching, Bag or Book’                       Maryke Phillips

3rd Dec.         ‘Share & Tell’  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -                                      Members

Talks and meetings are  held at Perdiswell, Young People’s Leisure Club, WR3 7SN at 1.30 for 2pm.  Visitors are welcome.
Workshops are also held at Perdiswell, from 10am -3.45 pm.

For further information please contact Jacky Shail, Telephone:01684 562669