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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Dark Clouds

Dark Clouds is an installation, an exhibition and a performative exploration, centred round the metaphorical interpretation of darkness and set in a world with no natural light. Each day we will be presenting different performances for adults and, at times also for families, that explore the theme of darkness from different perspectives. There will be interactive performances, storytelling, and visual and installation art. The performances (held between midday and 4.30) will be different every single day and so visitors should feel free to return as often as they wish.
Collective Unconscious are an immersive theatre company creating live art encounters that allow participants to explore sensuous modes of being through the adoption of new identities and co-creation of novel forms of social interaction. Our aim is to share and build, never to alienate, ridicule or destroy, so whilst our provocations may be challenging and thought provoking, we always hold the participant in the highest esteem.
Please show us the courage to visit and interact. You will enjoy what you find...We will be waiting.
Dark Clouds is on between the 6th and 22nd of December.
The installation will be open between 10:30-16.30 with performances from midday at Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum (old library building), Foregate Street, Worcester.
We also have released an anthology of writing to coincide with the event. You can download it for free at http://db.tt/uloNQ1dy
Join us at: www.facebook.com/collectiveunconsciousuk for the live programme of events)

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