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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

About the artists at Wildgoose F-f-f-festival

Nicola is a storyteller and retired speech and language therapist, with 30 years’ experience in storytelling with children and adults with learning difficulties and special educational needs.  She’s worked in over 50 schools in the UK, and lectured internationally, training staff in how to adapt literature and poetry and to tell stories with children and adults with severe communication difficulties. Publications include Learning to Tell (2010) & Using storytelling to support children and adults with special needs( 2013).  Nicola is Founder, Director, now Chair of Trustees of Openstorytellers, the first professional company of storytellers with learning disabilities. The charity works in the west country and nationally, offering training and support in all aspects of narrative and storytelling for adults with learning or communication disabilities, support workers and families.

As well as telling stories, Nicola and Suzie will be leading a special session at 2.20pm in the Desert Tent, offering carers and people working with special needs adults a chance to learn more about the Openstoryteller multisensory approach.

Suzie Damon Johns, Openstorytellers  http://www.openstorytellers.org.uk/
“I have been doing storytelling for years, something I love. One of my favourite stories is Cinderella – I love being the stepmother, although we tell lots of different stories and I enjoy them all.  I love acting because I am a drama queen.  As well as storytelling, I love dancing and writing stories.”

Barry Walmsley has been a teacher, musician and storyteller for more years that he cares to (or indeed can) remember. He has a long relationship with an amazing organisation called ATE Superweeks, which provides what are probably the best holidays ever for children aged 8 to 14,  and he first developed his storytelling skills whilst working with a group of children on a Superweek in a real and very ancient castle in the wilds of Northumberland. All Barry's stories seem to include a song and a mystery, and he might need you to help him with both!

Barnaby Hiles
Barnaby was Co-Founder & Director of  Break-a-Leg Theatre Company for young people of all abilities, co-directing, producing and writing over 100 shows involving young people of all abilities & leading up to 14 workshops per week plus shows involving up to 350 young people & volunteers. 
In 2003 Barnaby was Highly Commended in the National Beacon Award for services to young people
A singer and fanatical motorcyclist, his main stage session tells you everything you need to know about his unique slant on tales: "Once upon a time someone went somewhere, met someone else and something happened, the consequence of which was..."

Pyn Stockman
Pyn has worked as a storyteller and performer in many settings, from schools, festivals and to streets, gardens & community venues. She offers a range  of off the peg performances  that will inspire and delight family and school audiences.
Performances are interactive and often involve props and puppets. Many of her stories have been developed through residencies, now existing as dramatic and interactive performances in their own right.

Ian Craigan  
Ian was born in Belfast, went to Singapore aged only 6 weeks, learnt to walk in Ghana and started school in Wellington, New Zealand. He has a brother in Australia, cousins in Canada & America, friends in France, Norway, Germany and India. He’s been to Mumbai, Paris, Lindisfarne, Letterkenny and Ross on Wye – and now lives in Worcester! All these things are reflected in his approach to story telling & making, whether performing or working alongside people, helping them tell their own stories full of mystery, giggles and hope.

Carley Edge, Visual Attic 
Worcester-based Visual Attic fuse theatre and art creating a fantastical and mysterious world, bursting with visual treats! Co-founder Carley is an illustrator and experienced workshop leader: she can’t wait to help children and adults get messy making amazing F-f-f-festival hats, flags and puppets for our “On The Spot” Percussion Parade!

Una & Tom are based in Stockton-Upon-Teme and have years of experience with corporate and community film making. They are working with a small group of Wildgoose students to produce a short ‘postcard’ documentary of the F-f-f-festival. So don’t run away if you see a camera pointing at you – wave, smile and tell us a story!

Festival Programme
(the organisers reserve the right to alter this programme at any time to suit the climate, the performers and the audience too!)




Green Polytunnel Main stage telling
1pm – 1.30
Nicola Grove & Suzy DJ
Silly Jack & other daftness

1.40 – 2.10
Pyn Stockman
Roots & Seeds

2.20 – 2.50
Barnaby H
Once upon a time someone went somewhere, met someone else and something happened…

3.20 – 4
Land, Sea & Sky
All tellers join in sharing stories inspired by these themes; audience choose their favourite element at the end.
Desert tent
5 minute tales
1pm – 1.30
Pyn Stockman

1.40 – 2.10
Nicola G & Suzy DJ

2.20 – 3 Nicola G & Suzy DJ
A chance to learn about the Openstoryteller multisensory approach developed by Nicola.

Bell tent
Fur, feather & fin
1pm – 1.30
Barry Walmsley

1.40 – 2.10 Ian C

2.20 – 3
Barry W

Fantasy guided Tours
starting from the Straw bale house
1.10pm – 1.30
Ian Craigan

1.30 – 2
Barnaby Hiles

2.30 – 3
Pyn S

The Ledger House

Visual Attic - Join Carley to make amazing puppets, hats and flags
3 – 3.20 Grand procession with "On the Spot" percussion band

Wildgoose Storytelling F-f-f-festival & Open Day
Fur, feather and fin - a fun day out for all the family!

Saturday June 8th 2013  12-4pm.
Wildgoose Rural Training Centre, Top Barn Farm WR6 6NH
 under cover - free car parking
Two amazing events on the same site - at the same time!
Full programme of storytelling for children, adults and families

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