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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Arts & Health Quality Statements Worksheet Deadline - 2 weeks to get your submission in

Dear Herefordshire & Worcestershire arts and health professionals,
What Does Quality Look Like to you? Creative Health CIC want to hear what you think about their draft Arts & Health Quality Statements.
 Please submit your responses (details on the attached worksheet) by Thursday 30th January (less than 2 weeks away!).
Further details about the Arts & Health Quality Framework project:
During the first stage of the Quality Framework project Artist Champions ran a series of regional events and projects, 
including those in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, where we gathered the experiences, thoughts and ideas of arts and health
practitioners from across the West Midlands. We used this information to develop Arts and Health Quality Statements which form the basis of the next 
stage of the project.
The Arts and Health Quality Statements are intended to stimulate discussion about quality in arts and health. They offer a starting point for arts and
health practitioners to begin to define 'quality' within the context of their own practices and are part of a developing resource that aims to foster growth
and change within arts and health work.
Project Contact:
Manda Graham
Artist Champion (Herefordshire & Worcestershire)
Arts & Health Quality Framework
Creative Health CIC
For more details about the project or to sign up to our newsletter visit: www.creativehealthcic.co.uk 

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