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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

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Worcestershire Arts Partnership


Consultants Brief




Worcestershire County Council (WCC) has recently been awarded Arts Council funding for WAP to explore the possible establishment of WAP as an independent organisation. As a result, WCC wishes to commission specialist consultant input to research and advise on the most appropriate model for a new organisation.



1. Objectives


1.1 The objective of this options appraisal is to provide clear guidance on potential management models for the delivery of arts services within Worcestershire.


1.2 The study is being commissioned by Worcestershire County Council with the intention of establishing a medium to long–term approach to partnership.


2. Background


2.1 Worcestershire Arts Partnership was established in 2009 with the intention of providing a more strategic, partnership based approach bringing arts and non arts organisations together to develop and strengthen the sector.


2.2 A consultation was carried out with a diverse range of stakeholders, leading to the development of an Arts Strategy for the county, “The Arts Matter”, published in 2010, outlining the priorities and actions for the newly created, county wide partnership. The consultation was widespread, including both professional and amateur arts sectors but also with non arts sectors such as education, health and tourism, to achieve wider buy in and begin a meaningful and productive dialogue.


2.3 Since then, WAP has gone on to become a functioning and successful network with significant achievements to its credit. WAP currently operates as a non-constituted organisation made up of arts and non arts stakeholders from across the county. It delivers its priorities through a programme of projects, CPD and networking events. Its programme of activity increases participation in and audiences for the arts through projects developed through the work of several sub groups.


2.4 ACE Organisational Development funding has been awarded to increase the capacity of the partnership to carry out the research and functions necessary to explore the possibility of establishing WAP as an independent entity.


2.5 The main aims of the ACE funded activity are to:


-         Build on WAP’s strengths and achievements to deliver a high quality and accessible arts programme for Worcestershire

-         Provide a sustainable, long term vision for how the arts are delivered within the county

-         Develop new partnerships with private, public and voluntary sectors at a time of enormous social and political change

-         Create a model for arts development activity both locally, regionally and nationally


2.6 To achieve these aims, the following key objectives have been set:


-         Carry out an options appraisal to explore the most appropriate structure for a possible independent organisation to deliver WAP’s activities

-         Develop a business plan for the new organisation, including the development of new partnerships and identifying new sources of income

-         Implement an programme of events to support artists and organisations to meet the strategy’s priority areas

-         Evaluation of the new organisation and its impact


3. Requirements of the Options appraisal


3.1 The consultant appointed will be expected to carry out the following tasks:


  • Assist the steering group to refine the project criteria.
  • Consult key arts stakeholders and partners in Worcestershire to identify strengths and weaknesses of potential new models.
  • Consult with other local authorities as identified by the steering group to assess other models of delivery.
  • Identify different options for the future management of WAP.
  • Evaluate the options taking into account the risks, uncertainties, costs and benefits of each.
  • Produce a report recommending option(s) for detailed appraisal and identifying the resource and capacity requirements for the next step.


3.2 The options appraisal should also include a “do nothing” or “do the minimum” option.


4. Timetable and budget


4.1 The consultant would be expected to start work no later than the end of May 2014, with delivery of reports completed by the end of July.


4.2 WAP has identified a budget of no more than £4,000 for an options appraisal.


5. Management process


5.1 You will report to a small management group at stages of the work and then to the WAP Steering Group. These will cover:


  • Preliminary briefing to refine scope of commission and criteria for appraisal
  • Presentation of conclusions
  • Presentation of final draft of report


6. Tender process


6.1 Tenders should be submitted in writing by 4pm on 30th April 2014. Submissions should be addressed as follows:


Steve Wilson

County Arts Officer

Worcestershire County Council

Spetchley Road, Worcester, WR5 2NP


We would prefer applications by email to swilson@worcestershire.gov.uk


6.2 Each submission should contain:


·          Initial response to the brief to include an outline of working methods and processes of no more than four sides of A4

·          Ability to meet the proposed timetable and any milestones

·          Details of relevant experience and CVs for all consultants taking part in the study.

·          Confirmation of professional indemnity insurance

·          Details of 2 referees


6.3 The date of interviews is Wednesday 14th May 2014.


7. Tender evaluation


7.1 Interviews following receipt of tenders are planned to be held on Wednesday 14th May at County Hall, Worcester.


7.2 The successful candidate is expected to demonstrate the following:


  • Experience of appraising the management and operation of arts services.
  • Knowledge of the operation of local authority cultural services and the context in which they function.
  • Awareness of alternative models for arts service provision and their impact.
  • Knowledge of legal and financial issues in relation to local authority procurement, including the impact of EU directives.
  • Knowledge of the region including Worcestershire.


7.3 Please note that we will not accept tender submissions no more than £4,000.

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