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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Job Opportunity




Worcestershire Arts Partnership


Leader for The Arts Chat





The Worcestershire Arts Partnership are looking for a person or organisation to lead on a project called The Arts Chat which forms part of the work of the Children and Young People's Sub Group.


The WAP was established in 2009 with the intention of providing a more strategic, partnership based approach bringing arts and non arts organisations together to develop and strengthen the sector.


A consultation was carried out with a diverse range of stakeholders, leading to the development of an Arts Strategy for the county, “The Arts Matter”, published in 2010, outlining the priorities and actions for the newly created, county wide partnership. The consultation was widespread, including both professional and amateur arts sectors but also with non arts sectors such as education, health and tourism, to achieve wider buy in and begin a meaningful and productive dialogue.


 Since then, WAP has gone on to become a functioning and successful network with significant achievements to its credit. WAP currently operates as a non-constituted organisation made up of arts and non arts stakeholders from across the county. It delivers its priorities through a programme of projects, CPD and networking events. Its programme of activity increases participation in and audiences for the arts through projects developed through the work of several sub groups.


In January 2014 the WAP was awarded a GFA from the Arts Council to enable it to develop its organisation including looking at becoming a formal independent organisation, to write a new business plan but to also develop and put more resources into its sub groups.


The Children and Young People Sub Group

One of these Sub Groups is the Children and Young People's Group. This Group is made up of different stakeholders including arts organisations, Local Authorities, Schools, Libraries as well as independent practitioners and stakeholders. There are also advanced plans to get more young people actively involved in the Group through a project called The Arts Chat.



The Arts Chat

The Arts Chat was created by the Children and Young People's sub group as a way of getting young people more involved in the arts in Worcestershire. We see this through getting young people involved as decision makers, arts leaders, arts performers and arts curators.

There have been two arts chats that have taken place across the county and we plan to run more events.

We also wish to see The Arts Chat linked to the Arts Awards scheme as well as it being seen as a formal accreditation programme where young people will be seen to be Arts Ambassadors across the County.

We also wish The Arts Chat to be linked to other young people groups that are being created through Arts Connect, the West Midlands Bridging organisation.



We are looking for a person or organisation to lead The Arts Chat through its next period and to establish it within the Worcestershire Arts Partnership and beyond.


Person Specification

We are looking for someone with the following skills, experience and knowledge


  • Experience of leading a Group made up of Children and Young People
  • Experience of working with the Children and Young People's Art Sector
  • Experience of working with schools and arts organisations
  • Knowledge of the arts education sector including Arts Awards
  • An interest and knowledge of issues reflecting young people.
  • To be able to engage and mobilise a group of young cultural leaders.
  • To be able to co-ordinate and support the delivery of youth steering group activity and youth led events including a working experience of children's rights and their implementation



Duties of the Chair

In conjunction with the group’s administrator:


  • To agree agendas for meetings and to ensure that papers are not sent out less than a week before the meeting
  • To ensure that meetings take place at least four times per year.
  • To ensure that all meetings run on time and are run effectively with minutes taken with agreed actions.
  • To approve all meeting minutes


In conjunction with the County Arts Officer and The Children and Young People Sub Group


  • To set annual action plans for the group
  • To feedback on Arts Chat  meetings to the main sub group
  • To attend ad hoc meetings in relation to the sub groups as agreed by all
  • To ensure that the action plan relating to the Group is carried out in the best possible manner and to report back on this to the WAP Children and Young People Sub Group

Fee £1,800 per year for approximately 6 days work per year.  In addition there may be additional payments to attend conferences and events.


To apply please email Steve Wilson on swilson@worcestershire.gov.uk outlining your suitability and experience by Friday 27th June at 5pm  as well as CV. Please keep all documents at no more than 4 pages.


Interviews will take place on the afternoon or early evening Friday 11th July and will involve young people.

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