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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Job Opportunity





Artist’s Brief


To design, create and produce a digital animation to promote Kidderminster Arts Festival and use as an ongoing fundraising tool.


Reporting to Loz Samuels Arts and Play Development Officer Wyre Forest District Council.


1.    Introduction


Kidderminster Arts Festival has been growing since 2003, it is a mixed art form event using professional and amateur local and international artists for two weeks in the Town Centre and its surrounds.


KAF has come to a point in its development where it is reaching large audiences over a wide demographic. It is punching well above its weight with little in place in terms of promotional and marketing material, fund raising tools and infrastructure. 

This commission funded by Worcestershire County Council’s Open for Business Fund will be a tool which will be used to raise the profile of the event and help to lever in funding to support sustainability and continue growth into the future.


We seek an artist who will create an animation which reflects the contemporary nature of the event giving a flavour of the program, the ambition and asking audiences to donate to increase KAF’s chances of survival into the future.


2.    Background


KAF is part of Wyre Forest District Councils Arts Development Sections portfolio of work, it has been nurtured by Arts Development Officer along with a range of local arts enthusiasts who volunteer and contribute to its program each year.


KAF has a very small core budget and relies on fund raising from any source possible. We have begun a Crowd Funding Campaign with limited success. 

To continue to deliver in the current climate we need to utilise our strong brand and our relationship with our audiences and gain their support. We need to ensure they understand the value of the festival both the town and to them personally and we need to get them to contribute financially where they can.

We need ensure our brand is very strong and new audiences understand what the event is about and its association with the town.


 KAF is all about accessibility, most of its program is either free or under £5, in order to continue to offer this subsidy we need to raise more funds.




3.    Vision


We aim to capture the imagination of our audiences and to attract new ones, with a campaign that gives them a sense of ownership, adventure, playfulness, daring and desire to see more. We want the festival to appear young, fresh and contemporary; KAF has a new program every year with high quality and often specially commissioned work.


We need our audiences to understand that culture even if it might not be always to their taste is an answer to some of the town’s problems. Its empty shops fade into insignificance when shoppers encounter performance and engage with shows.  People laugh together, talk together, debate, befriend, learn and grow and their day is a little less humdrum.  Artists and non artists involved in projects relating to the festival feel pride and visitors go away with a better perception of the town.

The animation should be colourful, engage with younger audiences, inspire the Arts Council and show that KAF is brave, tenacious, innovative and loved by those that attend it. It might be whacky but it’s always high quality and it always wins people over, exposing them to new experiences and increasing their interest in arts and culture and more importantly the town where they live, work and visit as it’s always relevant to it’s location.


4.    Project Description


You will create a digital animation that can be used on all our multi media platforms, websites, phones and digital screens.

The animation will utilise KAF’s strong brand and reinforce it.

It will inform audiences of the value of the festival to them and the Town.

It will:

·         Educate audiences as to the true cost of the event or at least ensure that they understand that if they do not pay towards the true cost the festival will not survive.

·         It should clearly associate the District Council with the festival.

·         Be memorable and funny.

·         Last around 2 minutes long


Here’s an example – ‘A tenner for a tenor’




5.    Outcomes


The animation should be:

·          Able to be easily uploaded to a range of media and accessible and stylish.

·         Suitable to present to the public and funders alike.

·         Inspire people to donate funds to generate match funding enabling us to apply for further funds ensuring the stability of the festival.


6.    Submission Requirements


Artists are invited to submit a proposal to the Artist’s Brief by 24.07.15

You must provide:

·         An email or covering letter saying why you’d like this commission

·         A C.V which outlines previous work

·         Examples of your work

·         A rough outline of your approach

·         Two references



7.    Selection and Timescale


A panel will meet to look at showreels and proposals on w/c 27.07.15

Artists will be notified by 29.07.05

It is anticipated that this commission will be completed by  30.09.15

A detailed programme of work will be agreed on appointment and in line with the schedule of payments.



8.    Fees


The budget for this project is £2000.  

This budget is inclusive of all taxes and expenses etc. and must include all costs related to completing the work.

The budget breakdown must be agreed prior to project commencement.

Your fee will be paid on completion of the work and the submission of an appropriate invoice by BACS.  You must supply all bank details on request to facilitate your payment.



9.    Experience


We expect you to be a professional, practising artist creating interesting, well-produced and presented work. 

You will be expected to supply your work in a format that is compatible with our existing multi media promotional tools, is future proof and does not require additional maintenance or hidden costs.



10. Copyright


Copyright and ownership in any work created by the artist during the commission shall remain with the Artist. The Artist grants Wyre Forest District Council the right to reproduce, publish or display  ‘the work’ created by the Artist during the commission as necessary by photography, lithography print film or videotape for the purpose of promoting the project and projects associated with the commission.  Any other re-production will require the Artist’s prior agreement in writing.


11. How to apply


This brief will form a part of the final contract which will be issued and must be signed and returned to us in acknowledgement of our terms and conditions.


Your proposal must include examples of previous work, references and/or a c.v.

Links to websites etc.

We may request a meeting you but may be satisfied with an informal conversation by phone whichever proves most appropriate.

We will expect to see an outline of how you will approach this work, what software you will use and an outline of the style you will adopt.  If you have any ideas for strap lines etc. we would like to hear them.


Please tell us why you think your animation will help the festival to connect with its audiences and encourage them to support it financially in the future.




Submit your proposal to Loz Samuels – Arts and Play Development Officer

Wyre Forest District Council

Finepoint Way


DY11 7WF


Call 01562732977

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