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Friday, 5 February 2016

Job Opportunity






We are recruiting! We have 3 exciting opportunities for actor / facilitators and as a friend of the company would really appreciate your help in getting the word out. Do you have any ways to let people know about these vacancies e.g. website, notice boards, social media? Any of these would be great to spread the word to any contacts, ex-students/employees or individuals you think would be interested.

There is more detail on each of the posts through the links below. If you want posters to put up, let me know and I can email these over to you. All roles start on Monday 23rd May 2016.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give us.

Best wishes,


We are looking for:

1 x Experienced Male Actor / Facilitator – 9 week freelance contract<https://uk1.sprint-campus.co.uk/public/e/click/YezKLmMyVFYWJT8nCNe22g/8PXiVlv-wsN__Nm4dXGRMA>

We are recruiting for an experienced freelance male Actor / Facilitator for a 9 week contract during our busiest period. A full UK driving license is essential. Click here to find out more.<https://uk1.sprint-campus.co.uk/public/e/click/YezKLmMyVFYWJT8nCNe22g/8PXiVlv-wsN__Nm4dXGRMA>

We are looking for a female apprentice to become a permanent member of the company to support during our busiest period and replace a member of staff who is leaving in the summer. Click here to find out more.<https://uk1.sprint-campus.co.uk/public/e/click/r8odaRZIz9d___tdCVZ2sQ/8PXiVlv-wsN__Nm4dXGRMA>

We are looking for an apprentice to join the company to learn to be an Actor / Facilitator. The year long apprenticeship is expected to lead to a permanent role. Click here to find out more.<https://uk1.sprint-campus.co.uk/public/e/click/rD1w76unVIcHTrhqzg1NUA/8PXiVlv-wsN__Nm4dXGRMA>



Eleanor Vale, Director


Phone: 0121 446 4880

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