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Monday, 19 September 2016



I’m embarking on a bit of a mission and I need your help!

I’m writing to you because you are someone  who is involved in choirs - or you are someone who will know people who are!

As part of my role at Voices Now I am trying to find out how many choirs there are in the UK - a tall order but really worth doing.

What’s the project? Voices Now believes that previous research into UK choirs has not been sufficient and we think current estimates of membership are too low. So with support from the SHM Foundation, Voices Now is launching a survey to find out how many choirs there are in the UK. The results will be made publicly available on an online map so that choirs become more visible and people can see what is available in their local area.

Why? Choir singing has measurable benefits for physical, mental and community wellbeing. We think that there are many millions of people singing in choirs every week in the UK. Hence, choirs are making a large contribution to national wellbeing and thus cutting costs in the health sector. However, choir-singing is fragmented. Choirs from different backgrounds and musical genres have their own central membership bodies, whether they are Barbershop groups, Gospel choirs, or choral societies. Though there are many representative bodies, thousands are working on their own such that there nobody knows what sort of choirs, where they are or even how many there are.

Do you sing in a choir? Do you know anyone who does? If so – please fill in our survey and/or pass it to anyone else you know so we can put an accurate figure on how many people really sing in choirs up and down the country.

Please pass on this email to anyone you think might be able to spread the word or add choirs to the list!

Best wishes

Clare Edwards

Independent Producer


Skype: claremedwards

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