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Friday, 21 October 2016

An Introduction to 1000 Days by Steve Wilson – County Arts Officer.

1000 days is the new Arts Strategy for Worcestershire.  From 2016, over three years, we anticipate to show how the Arts matter in Worcestershire – to communities, people, businesses, and arts organisations.


Why 1000 days?
We aim for the Arts Strategy to be an active, living plan, driving the development of the arts throughout the county, whilst also making the arts relevant to Worcestershire's people and places.

1000 days is the period of time over which the strategy will be delivered. Our objective is that, within this period, our action plan will have been carried out.

Our Objectives and Priorities
One: To make the arts in Worcestershire as accessible as possible to as many people as we can.
Two: To increase the size and impact of the arts sector in Worcestershire
Three: To develop and encourage art forms in Worcestershire
Four: To widen opportunities for as many young people as we can and access high quality arts in order to enable young people to play a lead role in shaping the arts throughout the county, whilst contributing to improving the lives of people of all ages and backgrounds.
Five: To boost prospects for the arts to be used in improving the health of individuals of all age groups, assisting with the provision of life-affirming health and wellbeing choices for all.

With the assistance of a number of organisations, local and national, we aim to achieve these objectives and create a more vibrant and successful arts scene, raising the profile of the arts across Worcestershire.

Follow us on our journey by reading further blog posts about 1000 days, which will enable you to view our project as it develops!

Fund of the week! £££££££!

Steve went to a briefing this week from the Arts Council on the new guidance for the new round of National Portfolio Funding.  For those who haven't dipped their toes into Arts Council funding this is for those organisations who are looking to get regular funding. It is for bigger arts organisations and certainly the reporting and work you need to do aren't for everyone and it's not clear how many new NPO clients they would be taking on but it's worth a look and please let me know if you are considering a bid. For more information please look at http://www.artscouncil.org.uk/funding

WAP Week 

October 15th marked day 15 of 1000 days and it was great to do a soft launch of 1000 days with a really nice event at the Cube in Malvern. There was an open space event about collaboration as well as the launch itself and then a  real treat to see the moving Magnetic Diaries. Thanks to all at the Cube for a great day.

The Children and Young People Group are running a great project with The University of Worcester, funded through support of the Elmley Foundation. Named Moving on Staying On it gives five artists/arts organisations some funding and a mentor to develop their practice. Its all about maintaining skills in the county and we are really excited about some of the outcomes from it.

Our Arts and Health Group are planning a new event on the subject of Obesity. We are hoping to  do this in collaboration with our friends in the Sports Partnership. We have a planning event on Thursday 10th November at The Hive with the actual event at Wychavon Council in January. Watch this space for more details.

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