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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Arts Council Community Interest Levy

Dear colleague
We would like to share with you Arts Council England’s advice note for culture, arts and planning professionals on the Community Infrastructure Levy.
Local authorities and the cultural sector, working with local communities, need to take account of the most appropriate artistic and cultural facilities to ensure a place is worth visiting, working and living in.  Local authorities can secure resources through the planning system to help provide appropriate and high quality cultural provision. 
Arts Council England has published this advice note, which explains the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) which allows local authorities to raise funds towards the infrastructure needed to support the development of their areas. A large number of local authorities are intending to use CIL, and are developing draft charging schedules.
These set out what categories of infrastructure the funds collected will be spent on. This note explains how the needs for cultural and arts infrastructure in association with new development can be established and fed into the CIL process. It helps planning, culture and arts professionals involved with development of the levy understand how to best exploit it in order to ensure that the arts and culture can be part of everybody's lives.
Should you require any further information or advice please contact Jenny Peevers, Relationship Manager Regional Planning:
Phone: 0121 631 5719
Mobile: 07872 421078

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