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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Job Opportunity

Tel. 01 299 832 821                                                    Chinthe Mill,
E-mail:- dblakewaysmith@tiscali.co.uk                         Pensax Common,
                                                                                    Worcestershire WR6 6XL
                                                                                    October 30th 2012

Pensax and Stockton War Memorial for Peace

Brief for design.

            The village of Pensax in Worcestershire does not have a War Memorial because the Parish Council in 1919 stated that ‘the Parish was too poor’. Now, nearly a century later, this is being corrected and those who once walked the lanes of the village and who gave their lives are being properly honoured and remembered. Also, those who died in subsequent conflicts will be remembered. The next village, Stockton, does not have a Memorial either and so the fallen from that village will be included in the new Memorial.

            Children at the Chantry High School, Martley have been researching the lives of those who were killed; their education, their homes, their work and where they lost their lives and they now know the ‘men behind the names’ and this research has led to a brochure being produced for each man. They found out where they lived in the village and relatives of the fallen have met with the children.

            The lessons to be learned from these conflicts and the need to work for peace and the avoidance of conflict have become a driving force in his project. Hence, the title of ‘Pensax and Stockton War Memorial for Peace’.

            The Worcestershire County Council has given an excellent site for the Memorial on isolated, raised ground opposite the Bell Inn at Pensax on the B4202 where it will be seen by everyone who passes that way. Considerable support has been given to the project by the whole of the local community and businesses are behind it, too.

Design ideas for the sculpture.
            The Memorial will be different from the traditional one for a war memorial. The Committee wants it to commemorate those who sacrificed their lives for our country in the past but also to call all of us. as individuals and as a community, today to work for peace so that no further sacrifices are necessary. This is the challenge for the artist. It is ‘a looking back and looking forward’.

            Designs from artists in the region for the memorial are welcomed and should be sent before November 26th 2012 to
David Blakeway Smith MBE,
Chinthe Mill,
Pensax Common,
Worcestershire WR6 6XL

Tel 01 299 832 821

            The Committee is applying for a grant from the Arts Council for the sculpture work and to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a grant for the education and heritage and community work.

Further details can be obtained from the above address.

                                                                                                David Blakeway Smith

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