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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Museums Keep Moving

Museums Keep Moving
Museum on the Move 2012 exhibition – "Just Art" A new travelling exhibition which explores the arts through objects, images and hands on activities.

Warwickshire and Worcestershire Museum Services are in partnership to create a new exhibition for launch in March 2012 on their Museum on the Move vehicle. This project is funded through Arts Council England (ACE) and forms part of the wider Museums Keep Moving partnership. This partnership involves the shire counties of the Midlands (Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Herefordshire and Staffordshire) and the Black Country conurbation (Wolverhampton). Museum on the Move (MoM) exists to challenge rural isolation and social exclusion and to provide access to museum services for a variety of audiences.  These include visits to schools, sheltered accommodation, disability groups, care homes, hospitals, town centres, festivals and shows as well as a range of other venues.

In 2010 the project was awarded the Sandford Award for Heritage Education as a mark of our excellence in the field of heritage learning.

The theme we have chosen this year is the Arts. This is a very broad subject, but 6 sub-topics have been identified to enable us to explore key aspects within the space of the MoM vehicle. The sub-topics include:
1.     Introduction – what constitutes "the arts" and a brief history
2.     Visual Arts – sculpture, painting and architecture; how we view and represent the world around us.
3.     Literary Arts – prose, drama, poetry and oral arts such as epic, legend and folktales.
4.     Performing Arts – music and dance plus reference to magic, comedy, opera circus arts and film.
5.     Decorative Arts – functional art pieces such as furniture, ceramics and glass.
6.     The Arts and well-being – how access to and enjoy of the arts can improve our health and quality of life.
The exhibition is object rich, engaging and interactive using innovative approaches to interpretation.

This cross-curricular exhibition is suitable across the Key Stages and covers elements of Maths, History, Geography and Science! It is also suitable for adults of all ages and abilities.

The exhibition is supported by outreach materials including a learning pack (which can be downloaded from our website at www.museumsworcestershire.org.uk) and two handling boxes of objects based around themes relating to the Arts.  Two facilitators accompany the bus on any journey and are there to help people make sense of and enjoy the exhibition.

The whole exhibition is fun, enjoyable, colourful and memorable - we want visitors to come away from MOM with a greater appreciation and understanding of the major role the arts play in the world around us and in their own lives. We also hope that the exhibition will enhance the teaching and appreciation of the arts, heritage and culture at all levels and build knowledge and confidence in people of all ages and abilities.

Further Information and to book a visit to your venue please contact:

Sue Pope, 01299 250416 spope@worcestershire.gov.uk OR
Julie Smith, 01299 250416 jsmith1@worcestershire.gov.uk

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