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Monday, 26 November 2012

Bacc For The future

An urgent action to help save creativity in schools
You've helped give the Bacc for the Future campaign a flying start - thank you.
With over 17,500 people signing the petition so far and over 45 major organisations joining up - things are moving FAST!

Alert your MP
But now, we need to take this further, and alert our MPs to our concerns.
They need to really understand the damage that will be done to both our children and our economy if they leave creative subjects out of the EBacc.
And what an opportunity they have in their hands to improve the proposals and build an EBacc that is truly fit for the future.
You'll find a simple template letter on the campaign site which you can post to your local MP.
(You can find out who your MP is on the campaign site as well.)
Just copy and paste the template letter and then - this is the important bit - make it your own. The more personal the better.
In a world of click and send email actions, anything with a personal twist REALLY stands out.
And, because we know all the great people who are supporting the campaign are likely to be creative, we reckon you'll rise to the challenge.
Once you have sent it, you can let me know at mailto:jonathan@ism.org?subject=Letter%20to%20MP%20about%20EBacc.

Spread the word
Don't forget to spread the word on Twitter and Facebook to colleagues, friends and family.
If these reforms go ahead, we need to make sure it is a Bacc for the Future.
Jonathan Smith
Bacc for the Future Project Manager

PS - here are a few links from the last few days to show the huge support we have:

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