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Friday, 30 November 2012

Family Friendly Arts Campaign

Family Friendly Arts Campaign
Update – December 2012
Dear Stephen
From May – October 2012, we undertook a large scale consultation exercise that included an on-line survey for arts organisations and families, a series of regional consultation events, presentations at conferences and network meetings and 1:1 meetings with various different organisations all around the country.  We have engaged with over 1,000 arts professionals and 2,000 families, ensuring our plans are based on robust research and evidence.  We are now able to confirm certain details and information, and more will be released over the coming weeks as things are put into place.
Family Arts Festivals
We can confirm that these will take place: 18th October – 3rd November 2013 and 17th October – 2nd November 2014
The Family Arts Festival is designed to increase public participation and attendance at local arts activities or events.  It will be held in October/November 2013 and 2014.  It aims to build on the legacy of the Cultural Olympiad, offering a national selection of high quality, accessible opportunities to engage in the arts throughout the UK. 
It will be supported by a major national marketing and PR campaign and commercial partners are now being sought to multiply the impact of Arts Council England’s investment. It should support the further development of an important and large market for the arts and help form life-long habit of arts attendance and participation.
We would actively encourage you to consider running special family activities and/or offering family discounts during this period, but arts organisations will not be expected to programme events for the entire Festival. We hope over 500 arts organisations will take part throughout the country, making this one of the largest national, cross-artform festivals ever in the UK. 
The time period was chosen after extensive research and consultation.  Not only is the half term period popular with families, but it will also ensures the largest possible range of high quality artistic activities will be available to families.
We will keep you updated with further information as more detailed plans are announced, but for now do start thinking about how you could grow your family audiences by being part of the 2013 Family Arts Festival.  If you would like suggestions on how to improve your offer for families or reach new family audiences, do have a read of Arts Council England’s Family Friendly Toolkit and the recently published Family & Community Focused Toolkit.
‘Take A Grown Up’ Day
We are working with Kids in Museums to develop this idea for spring 2014 and spring 2015.  We will have a formal project plan to present to Arts Council England in March 2013, and once this has been agreed we will then confirm how you can get involved.
The focus of this plan will be to encourage the young people in their family to take an adult along to an activity or a performance of their choosing, but ones that are created for them to engage in together. 
Local Family Arts Networks
We will establish and support local arts Networks to develop the family arts offer in their area.  The hubs will include a minimum of six organisations and at least two different art forms.  We would also urge Networks to think about including local museums and libraries as part of their Network activity.  
What support can the Hubs expect from the Campaign?
Hubs will be supported by:
                    Free Network membership to Family & Parenting Institute’s Family Friendly scheme
                    Discounted access to Campaign conferences and training events
                    Listings on the Family Arts Festival website for their events
                    2 seminars per year organised by the Family & Parenting Institute to share good practice
                    Free access to consultation advice about setting up their own “test drive” programme
Within the next few weeks we will have further information about how to apply for the support package that the Campaign is offering Local Family Arts Networks.  In the meantime, if you would like to ensure you receive information about this aspect of the programme please do email me and as the information becomes available I will keep you updated on progress.
Other Information
Sponsorship and Media Partners
We are currently working with Cause 4 to raise sponsorship and additional funds for the Campaign, and to identify some key media and other partners to help deliver the programme.  We will keep you updated as this progresses and when we are able to confirm details of sponsorship.
Conference – Spring 2013
We are also working towards our first  conference which will be in late April or early May 2013, we will confirm this date, venue and programme in the New Year.
In the meantime if you have any questions please do email the Campaign Manager on Alastair@solttma.co.uk

Best wishes
Alastair Tallon
Campaign Manager

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