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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Theatre weekend at The Arts Workshop April 12th/13th/14th

Theatre weekend at The Arts Workshop April 12th/13th/14th
Sat April 13th Pilot showcase
As discussed at the Open space event on sat 2nd Feb, we are having a weekend of performance! Saturday sees a day of short slots which are available to you to come and show your work.
We are hosting the event from 12 noon until 8pm and are asking for submissions for work to be shown on the day. We would ask that your performances to be no more than 1 hour (this will include any set up time, get in and out). * We will be keeping the audience low key at this stage though you are welcome to bring a guest, we hope for a small intimate audience of say 50 or so, including you all.
*Please note: there will not be space for any storing of sets so please be aware of this on the day and make suitable arrangements.
Also if anyone can offer help on the day to volunteer, we need sound/lighting techs and a stage manager as well as some extra general hands!
Please send application to:
The deadline for submissions is the 22nd March

Name and contact details
What do you plan to do?
How long will the performance be?
Can you help in any other way?

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