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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Workshops - Mindout


What is ‘Mind Out’?

Mind Out is an expressive art program specifically designed for therapeutic endeavour to support children with a disability, behavioral concern or emotional and communication difficulties. Through combining visual art and drama, this creative process will help to surface and resolve conflicts, reduce stress, manage behavior, build self esteem and enhance interpersonal skills.  These sessions can include music, drama, art and dance that will be adapted to suit the individual or group.

We use creative techniques to help a person express and visualise emotions. Unlike art education, where the focus is on the quality of the finished product, MIND OUT stresses the process---what the person learns about himself whilst creating art.


Where can this take place?


We have adapted this program specifically for schools, but not exclusively; therefore we would welcome interest from any group or individual that may benefit from this type of program.  Visual Attic can come to your school/venue to deliver the sessions or there is a possibility we can provide a venue through prior arrangement.



How long are the sessions?


The length of the session is tailored to the individual or group; however a succession of workshops will be needed in order to have any long term result.


Important Note:  Please note we are not trained therapists but professional arts practitioners that believe in the therapeutic properties of the arts to change a person’s life for the better!



This is dependant on your individual program and will be worked out to suit your needs and requirements, as well as the costs of materials, planning etc.  The fee is negotiable dependant on succession of workshops, duration etc.

For further information please contact Mel Lewis on 01905 780135 or email via melatvisualatticltd@outlook.com

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