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Monday, 14 January 2013

Family Friendly Arts Campaign Update – January 2013

Family Friendly Arts Campaign  Update – January 2013
Local Family Arts Networks - Join us to access FREE support and services!
We have now finalised our offer to arts organisations who wish to create their own local offers to families, you can access the information here and there is a link on the site to a simple form for your network to complete if you wish to take up the opportunities on offer.  We have designed the scheme to make it simple, effective and strategic, it offers a way for local arts organisations to work together to deliver a comprehensive programme of activities and performances for their local families.
Family Friendly Arts Conference - Town Hall, Birmingham – 15th April 2013
The first conference will launch the Family Friendly Arts Campaign and through a range of presentations from key figures within the arts and from family organisations, the conference will explore some of the underlying themes of the Campaign – including key questions such as “What does family friendly actually mean?”, “How do we engage with families as a whole?”, “What differentiates work for families from work for children and young people?”.  Booking will open on Monday 21st January 2013
Tenders – Family Arts Festival and Campaign Evaluation
The Campaign is inviting tenders for two major pieces of work. The first is to manage the Family Arts Month in October 2013 and 2014. The second tender is for the evaluation of the Campaign.  For further information on either of these please go to the website. The closing date for both tenders is Tuesday 29 January 2013.
Family Arts Festival (18th October – 3rd November 2013) – How’s your planning going?
The Campaign announced the dates of the Family Arts Festival in December.  Once the tender to run the Festival has been awarded, we will be moving swiftly to set up the website and to start to collate information and data. 
The Festival is just 34 weeks away - so get planning!
For further information or if you have any queries please contact Alastair Tallon, Campaign Manager Alastair@solttma.co.uk    www.familyarts.co.uk

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