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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Infirmary Project Brief

Project Brief: Creative Arts Initiative (working with older people)
Organisation: The Infirmary, University of Worcester 
Submission Deadline: 12 noon Monday 11th February 2013
Fee: £6,000 (lnclusive of travel, materials and VAT)

Project Brief Outline  
The Infirmary is seeking to commission an artist/facilitator to work with people over the age of fifty who may be experiencing challenges in their lives. This could be in a number of potential areas from feelings of isolation, or adjusting to life changes such as bereavement, health issues or voluntary/compulsory retirement status. This project commission, supported by AGE UK, will enable participants to engage in creative activity with positive outcomes for those involved. An important element of the project will be sustainable outcomes. This will be through the generation of a lasting final product/resource which may share understanding about isolation or life changes, together with giving consideration to building on the interests of the group in the longer term.  The Infirmary is also interested in discussing the feasibility of inter-generational working, perhaps through students or family connections, in building understanding between age groups of life issues.
The project brief is not prescriptive in terms of art forms but it is essential that applicants have experience of working with older people within community and health related contexts. The project term is 4-6 months commencing in March 2013 and will engage participants on a regular basis during the actual residency period.
The Infirmary is a new medical exhibition focusing on the history of the former Worcester Royal Infirmary and the science behind medicine from the late 1700s, when the Infirmary was built, to the present day. Additionally the exhibition aims to provoke thought and build empathy on matters relating to some of the more hidden histories of health as well promoting reflection on preventative measures. The exhibition is housed in one of the former wards of the hospital and now forms part of the University of Worcester’s City Campus. It has been developed through a Heritage lottery funded partnership between the University and the Charles Hastings Education Centre (CHEC) an educational charity whose purpose is the advancement of education in areas relating to medicine and health care. This is complementary to the University’s strong vocational training and teaching in these areas.
Aims and Objectives
Developing opportunities for more vulnerable members of our community or hard to reach groups by working in partnership with voluntary and charitable agencies is one of The Infirmary’s objectives.
The rationale for commissioning of an artist/facilitator is to support participants through a period of change in their lives, giving them opportunities to develop new skills, as well as building relevant connections.
Intended Outcomes/outputs for participants:-
·         Experience benefits from engagement in creative activity
·         Develop new, or lapsed, skills and interests  
·         Raise self-esteem and confidence
·         Build social connections and foster peer support
·         Feel more empowered to participate in society
·         A creative output generating sense of achievement by the group
Intended Outcomes/outputs for the Infirmary, partner and wider community:-
·         Develop sustainable relationships with individuals, local community and local partnership organisations
·         Enhanced knowledge and understanding of life cycle and health issues
·         A sustainable resource which may enhance others understanding relating to perhaps isolation or life changes as well as building appreciation of others contribution to society.
In developing this project we also seek to build on Age UK’s aims and objectives in particular:-
To enable older people to influence the services they want; to identify new areas of activity they can engage with; to increase awareness of opportunities available to older people; to treat older people fairly and with respect recognising their different needs, choices and values and to promote the value of older people in their communities and to each other.
Artist /facilitator Requirements:-
·         Work with the Infirmary co-ordinator to agree creative framework and delivery arrangements of the project
·         Work with the Infirmary co-ordinator and participant group in understanding needs in helping to shape the project
·         Planning and delivery of creative workshop sessions with participants within agreed timescales
·         Provision of necessary support to allow participants to feel confident in exploring themselves creatively seeking ways to encourage and harness the creative potential of participants
·         Development of a final creative resource in extending the learning from the project to other groups and individuals.
·         Take an active part in the evaluation of the project.
·         Supply of necessary materials for workshop and final resource
·         Appropriate insurance cover
Approach and Support
In delivering this project we have set the following broad principles of approach:-
·         The project will be run as a partnership with the participants to consolidate ownership
·         The highest standard will be expected from the project and quality of materials used throughout and for final product
·         The participants will be involved in as many aspects of running the project as possible to provide them with opportunities to learn new skills (or to develop existing skills)
Upon agreement of project proposal, the project will be co-ordinated by Carol Bowsher, Learning and Access Officer for The Infirmary who will be the first point of contact. A link officer from Age UK will provide advice and support as required.
Indicative Timescale
Time frame 2013
11 February
Submission deadline
8 March (tbc)
Mid March
Project Initiation
April /May
May /July
Residency period
Development of resource

* subject to negotiations with appointed artist

Selection Criteria
·         Experience of participatory work with older people in community and health related settings
·         Understanding of brief and knowledge of the needs of target audience
·         Evidence of production of high quality work (process and product)
·         Consideration of end product and sustainable outcomes from the project
·         Evidence of ability to deliver to project specification and budget

Submission Details
Interested artist/facilitators should submit an outline proposal which includes the following information:-
·         Your initial ideas /approach to brief in line with objectives and outcomes (no more than 2 sides of A4)
·         Details of knowledge and experience of working with older people and of how this will help you deliver this project  (no more than 2 pages)
·         Budget breakdown - Details of how you will develop the project in relation to the proposed fee with a full budget breakdown (day rates, materials, creative sessions, resource development)
The closing date for receipt of tenders is 12 noon Monday 11 February 2013.
Tenders should be returned Return to: Carol Bowsher, Learning and Access Officer, The Infirmary, University of Worcester, City Campus, Castle Street, Worcester, WR1 3AS.
Telephone enquiries for an informal discussion: 01905 542540
*Fee & payments: Upon appointment a schedule of payments will be agreed on commissioning. The contractor will be require dot submit invoices to the Infirmary quoting relevant order number. 
Additional Information.
You may find the following links useful:-
University of Worcester  www.worcester.ac.uk 
Visits to  The Infirmary Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (Christmas closure 3rd December -  7 January)

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