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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Government's White Paper on Culture



Dear all


Please see attached the governments white paper on culture. The first in 50 years so worth a read if only to say' I was there!'


And here is a quote from David Cameron too!


'If you believe in publicly-funded arts and culture as I passionately do, then you must also believe in equality of access, attracting all, and welcoming all. Rat Hon David Cameron MP'


For those who want a summary of the summary here goes. The priorities are:


·         Inclusion is a major area especially in those areas where participation is low.

·         Cultural partnerships will be encouraged throughout the country

·         Heritage Action Zones will be launched to get more people to own local heritage

·         Taking culture internationally is a key area

·         Further encouragement of a mixed cultural economy including philanthropy


And to finish off the quotes here is one from Nicky Morgan


'I want every single young person to have the opportunity to discover how the arts can enrich their lives. Access to cultural education is a matter of social justice'  






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