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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Moonbeams - The Next Phase.. develoing tomorrow's leaders in arts and culture for early years

Arts Connect logo_Peach Circle_CMYKMoonbeams – The Next Phase

Developing tomorrow’s leaders in arts and culture for early years

A continuing professional development (CPD) course for early years

practitioners and artists


Creativity in, and through, arts and culture is a prime context for early years development. Arts Connect recognises the importance of arts and culture in early years and has prioritised this as part of its 2015-2018 programme. The Moonbeams programme has different strands, including CPD for early years practitioners and artists to work together to develop their understanding around educational development through the arts.
Arts Connect is working in partnership with Birmingham Nursery Schools Teaching Schools Alliance; and other partners such as CREC (the Centre for Research in Early Childhood), to support the development of emerging leaders of arts and creativity in early years (0-5 years) both from the early year’s settings and from the arts and cultural sectors.
The Moonbeams course will involve selected artists and early years practitioners, from 8 settings in the West Midlands, working in a paired partnership through a 10 day course of group sessions (eg taught elements on Child Development; Creativity; Provocations; Documentation; Reflection), co-delivery and action research in the setting. This will be supported by expert Pedagogistas (experts in early years education and in arts and culture in early years) and action researchers, as well as external presenters. The programme will begin with an introduction and planning day 8th July 2016, commence in settings from mid-September, and complete by mid-May 2017.
We are particularly interested in developing the experience and skills of early years practitioners and artists who have the potential to become advocates and leaders within their settings and sectors. Part of the course will include opportunities to deliver CPD, share their work with others, and contribute to seminars and a conference.
This is an exciting and unique opportunity and we are interested in participants from a range of settings (maintained and private nurseries; nursery and reception classes) and artists with different arts and cultural expertise.
We particularly welcome applications from people with protected characteristics


2. Are you a qualified early years practitioner or an artist working in early years?
A qualified early years practitioner
An artist working with early years
·         Are you interested in developing your skills in arts and culture?
·         Are you interested in developing your skills and experience, alongside an artist, as the lead for arts and culture in your setting?
·         Do you have the full support of your Head Teacher/Manager and senior leadership team?
·         Have you got experience in working in partnership with other organisations and agencies, and individuals from sectors other than education?
·         Are you open to challenge your own thinking and practices, and to challenge the thinking of others?
·         Have you already worked in an early years setting but would describe yourself as just starting out?
·         Are you interested in developing your skills and experience as an artist and a leader of arts and culture in early years?
·         Are you open to working with early years practitioners and senior leaders to develop CPD for staff from early years settings and other artists?
·         Are you prepared to learn about early years pedagogy and to challenge your own thinking and practices?
·         Are you prepared to work with your paired early years practitioner to document and reflect on your CPD?

A qualified early years practitioner
An artist working with early years
·         Release of the early years practitioner for the course taught and delivery sessions, and for planning, and reflection with the artist in-house
·         Share practice and learning across whole staff including a minimum of two CPD sessions with the artist
·         Provide appropriate materials, tools and resources to facilitate activities with children and staff
·         Ensuring at all times that Health and Safety, and Safeguarding (including Publicity Consent) procedures are in place, with appropriate induction on these policies with the artist
·         The DBS check for the artist delivered by the setting
·         The Head Teacher / Manager to commit to support the programme and the practitioner throughout the course
·         Early years practitioner commits to attend and deliver the course, including taking part in the full CPD programme and conference
·         Contribute to research and evaluation
·         Attend all course sessions and do appropriate home based research and planning
·         Contribute to all reflection and delivery within the setting
·         Document and record the work within the agreed storage protocols and guidelines for the setting
·         Ensuring at all times that Health and Safety, and Safeguarding (including Publicity Consent) and procedures are adhered to
·         Co-plan and deliver, with the early years practitioner, CPD sessions with staff and others (eg at the conference)
·         Contribute to all research and evaluation
·         Ensure a high quality process and outcomes in the delivery of arts and culture
·         Deliver a high quality program as contracted.
A qualified early years practitioner
An artist working with early years
·         The early years setting will need to cover all the costs of their early years practitioner attending sessions and being released in-house, including any travel costs
·         The early years setting will need to cover all materials, tools, and resources linked to the activity
·         The early years setting will cover the cost of the artist’s DBS
·         All other costs (such as the artist fees) are covered by the grant from Arts Connect
·         The freelance fee to be paid to the artist is £175 per day for 10 days delivery (including travel and all costs). This fee takes into account that this is part of a training programme developing the skills and experience of emerging artists in early years.
·         Please note that the DBS will be covered by the early years setting
·         The artist will be contracted by Birmingham’s Nursery Schools Teaching Schools Alliance


A qualified early years practitioner
An artist working with early years
·         Application
·         Supporting statement from Head Teacher / Manager
·         Application
·         CV, including 2 references
·         Extended Deadline:  29th  April 2016 (12 noon)
·         Notification, if shortlisted, by:  5th May 2016
·         All shortlisted applicants (early years practitioner, and the Head Teacher / Manager from selected settings, and artists) will be invited to a selection event on the:
         12th May 2016 at Allens Croft Childrens Centre, Birmingham from
10am -3pm. 
Before applying, please ensure this date is in your diary in the event of being shortlisted.
·         Notification of selection to the Moonbeams course:  16th May 2016
·         When applying be email, please ensure that the subject heading is:
 ‘Moonbeams Course – Early Years Practitioner / Artist (whichever is applicable)’
·         Please email applications and supporting documents by:  29th April 2016 (12 noon) to:
          Lisa O’Connor
Moonbeams Programme Manager
Allens Croft Childrens’ Centre
Phone: 0121 675 0362
·         Any further enquiries please contact Lisa O’Connor or Pepita Hanna:
Pepita Hanna
Associate Director: Partnerships and Investment
Phone: 0121 446 3204


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